New Horizons on the Horizon!

How long has it been since I posted…4 years!? Wow, that is nuts! After my 3DS crashed and my AC:NL town got erased (never doing a digital game instead of a physical copy again 😦 ), I thought about starting a new town but then ended up way to busy with a new job and getting back into theater/musicals. I kept saying “The Switch is coming out soon and there will be an AC game for it. I’ll just wait for the next one.” Fast forward 4 years and we are less than TWO WEEKS until AC Switch aka New Horizons comes out and I am beyond excited! It has been a MUCH longer wait than I was hoping it would be, but from the previews and Nintendo Directs we have seen, it has been worth the wait!

Here are some things I am SUPER excited about for New Horizons:

  • Being able to display furniture outside!!! OMG this takes care of one of my biggest problems with AC:NL! I cannot count the number of times I thought “This would look so good outside my house/around town/in a forest/on a beach but the game won’t let you display furniture items, which is stupid.” Instead, there were “Public Works Projects” that could be built outside, which was great and all but those had their own set of issues: they were expensive, had certain limitations on where they could go, and, the most frustrating part YOUR NEIGHBORS HAD TO SUGGEST THEM!!! UGH. I am so excited to start putting out picnic baskets, books, flower pots, chairs, and pretty much everything else to decorate my town!outside1
  • You can move your house and pick where your neighbors move! You know what that means? PLOT RESETTING IS A THING OF THE PAST! I probably spent hundreds of hours plot resetting in AC:NL so my neighbors would not ruin my beautiful gardens, paths, and layouts with their houses! It was very stressful in a game that is supposed to be about creating and relaxing. Knowing I won’t have to do that anymore is so liberating!!! 🙂
You can relocate!!! So happy!
You can move shops too!
  • DETAILS! Everything from shadows from trees, to pupils in our character’s eyes, to door decs for your house, the detail in this game is amazing! I saw the pictures/footage of the museum in NH the other day and it is breathtaking! I could go on forever about it!
I love this so much! The detailed plants, the apples, the rain, the light gradient on the tent, and one of my favorite villagers, Lily!
I LOVE this fountain! Na d look at the shadows of the butterflies, fountain, and character! And the ridges on the leaves on the trellis! SO MUCH DETAIL!!!
Such realistic shading and texture!
  • A much better interface for designing your town/house! The whole process of design in NH has taken cues from HHD and is much improved! I can’t wait to get into design mode just move things around without having to constantly pick up/drop furniture from my pockets! Exterior design has gone even further with the ability to make all sorts of paths, grass, and even dig out/fill in land (meaning you can modify your town map)!!!
Designing is now so much easier! Thank you, AC: HHD!
So many options…and that doesn’t count the endless ones you can make!!!
You can MAKE waterfalls! ❤ ❤ ❤
  • One word – Photopia!!! Oh goodness, the theater scenes I will make with this, as I am an actor myself! Phantom of the Opera, The Secret Garden, Shakespeare shows…the list goes on! This is probably not quite as exciting to others as it is to me since not everyone is as big a theater nut as I am lol 😛
I am so excited to direct photoshoot scenes! Maybe I’ll start with one from my current show, SPAMALOT!


With change comes a little bit of stress…

I could go on forever about the things I am excited for, but there will be more time for that later. There is one thing that is making me a little nervous…Maps! Picking a map is super stressful. There are so many different maps to choose from and each one is unique. I don’t know if you can pick/change things like grass shape, fruit, airport color, services location, etc so I want to make sure I like what I get. Below is a wishlist of things that I would like to see on my Island. I hope I am not the only OCD person who does this lol 😛 (and for the record, I do actually have OCD/anxiety/depression and playing Animal Crossing helps so much!)

Things I would like my Island to have:

  • Circle grass (which turns to star snow!!)
  • Apples for fruit. Cherries would be good too. I love peaches but the peach in AC: NH looks a little too much like a bum…but it does look very realistic. No oranges or pears!
  • A central location for the Island Services but not too close to the airport. I feel like that is the “Town Square” so I want it to be center
  • Blue/Teal airport

I guess that isn’t too bad a list…but it is always so hard to know if you are picking the right one or to know when to stop looking! I do already have my Island name picked out (it’s been picked out for awhile) and I am working on a theme for it. I’ve been playing the “Atelier” series on the PS4 in the last few years, so I will pull inspiration from those games (along with Sailor Moon)! They are super fun and cute and have beautiful fantasy scenery!

Planning a new town/island can get stressful, but I try to remind myself that AC is not a competition and we are all here to support and help one another and have fun! I am going to try to be more active on here now that NH is coming out. I will be doing a lot re-designing of this site as well and adding sections/tidbits about other games as well as a section on my life in theater! Hope you are all well and as excited as I am for New Horizons both in game and IRL! ❤



Long Time No Post…And an Update on AC: HHD!

Wow…It’s been a long time since I posted. My dad is right – time moves faster as you get older! Anyway, I took a long break from AC to play some other video games like Pokémon, Fantasy Life, Bravely Second, Fallout 4, and a ton of Zelda games! I have also been in a TON of plays and musicals, which has been super fun! Anyway, I still have my town of Citaluna and I got AC: HHD last year, played it for a bit, and then got too busy to really get into it, so I am going back to it now! I’m hoping to do another update on Citaluna, but I need to rearrange the flowers and make the town more presentable, which is a horribly tedious task and I hate doing it (and growing the flowers I need). I’m going to try and go for a big dream address update in the spring so you can see Mayor Lenore and the town in all of its springtime glory!

Anyway, this post is about HHD this time around and some of the designs I am really proud of and other things…well…need work! 😛 My character’s name is Rose – I wanted to name her Lily (for my town, Lilywood), but there is a frog named Lily in the game already ( I hate duplicate names) so I switched to the name of my cow in Harvest Moon, Daisy. Oh wait, there is dog named Daisy in the game…ughhhhh 😦 . I came up with Rose, and I know there is a cat named Rosie, but they aren’t the same so I went with that (and “Designer Rose” has a nice ring to it!).

Lottie gave me the description “A lovely atmosphere” and lots of lovely furniture, so I got to work!


Not too bad for my first try and considering there is very little to work with at the beginning. A little too much pink for my taste, but Lottie seemed happy 🙂

Goldie wanted “a forest of books”, which I was super excited about. Not a ton of furniture to work with still, but getting there!

First look!
This was too cute not to photograph! ❤

Her house turned out pretty nice as well! I wanted to get as many books in there as possible without making it look too cluttered. And I felt like the modern wood furniture added the “forest element”! Later, when I got to outside decorating, I literally made her a forest of books complete with a cozy cottage for reading! I may eventually move the house to a more private space of land…


The next client was Lopez and he wanted a stylish metropolitan space…not something I ever did in Citaluna and not my favorite style in general. It’s ok, but nothing I really like. Haven’t bothered to go back and do the outside even.(It was here I discovered how annoying that stupid montage camera is and how tough it is to get pictures!)


I found Caroline waiting outside the next day. She wanted a ranch themed home. I went more “country ranch” instead of “Texas ranch” and I think it’s rather cozy! I still need to go back and do the outside of her home…


Isabelle informed me the next day that we were designing a school! I have always loved academia and the past 3 generations of my family have been teachers, so I knew this was going to be fun! A lot of the stuff is pretty basic (chalkboard, desks, cubbies, etc. but these two areas are my favorites!

I love the science corner! I originally had a burning oil lamp, but the child care provider in me said wasn’t safe, so I switched to a star globe.
Social studies and language arts corner (with a lunchbox)!
I chose the pink/blue exterior for the school, since blue is my favorite color! I love being able to chose the building styles! No more resetting for that!

Carrie showed up the next day saying she wanted a “garden for her joeys to play in” – this one was exciting because I could pick the plot of land for the house to go on as well as the season! I chose the standard grass lot with the season of summer! I could also decorate the outside as well as the inside!

I’m at the age where a lot of my friends have kids and what I hear is that they are always tired, there is tons of laundry and cooking to do, and the house is NEVER clean no matter what you do…and their kids are their pride and joy! I think this house captures that perfectly!
The outside turned out great! A place for the joeys to play while mom does the laundry and watches them!

I got to design Colton “a noble palace” which was fun! I was hoping for some more ornate furniture, like the princess series, but no dice. It still looks like a palace though ( and of course I had to go for the moat land plot!) and the fall theme goes super nicely with the golds and the reds to represent royalty!

Colton looks out over his kingdom!
I wanted apple trees to go with the red roof, but the stupid things wouldn’t fit 😦 I had to go for mini trees and red carnations, which still look nice (plus the rainbow!).

Tangy showed up and I had make her a house, since I LOVE cats! I think I will come back to this one later and give it some updates, but it’s a good start!

Of course, everything in Tangy’s house has to be fruit themed! 🙂
I like the outside more than the inside for this one actually. I wish the four fruit drinks on the table showed up a little better because they are so cute! I didn’t even need to do too much with the outside of the house itself, except change the roof to orange – Tangy’s favorite fruit and color!

I love Pekoe! ❤ She is so stinkin’ cute! Of course, the theme was an exotic getaway for her house! I love that you can choose clothing fabric to put on the bedding! Her bedding and shirt match! ❤ I love the bamboo flooring and wall with the exotic furniture – it just fits her so perfectly! I’m not done with the outside, so there are no pictures of it 😛

First look at her new place!
So many pretty plants to work with! And I love the Imperial ceiling lamp!

Muffy wanted a gothic style room with rococo furniture! I had just gotten the furniture customization ability so I was super excited to try this out! I chose to put her house on the edge of a cliff with stormy weather. A gothic mansion seemed very fitting for her, so I went with that for the exterior and a purple/grey theme for outside (like a spooky witch-like house)! I was annoyed that there weren’t any black flowers for outside yet, but then I discovered that I had potted black lilies as decorations and I could put them outside! They almost look like graves, which just adds to the spooky gothic atmosphere of the house!

I even left the lights off so the black rococo candlesticks show up! And the black chandelier looks so cool in the dark!
With the lights on for comparison


I love the eerie purple lighting you can see through the windows!

I talked to Deirdre and she wanted an autumn themed house! This is something I have done before (Autumn’s house in Citaluna), so I knew I could rock this! Overall, it turned out great – I may add some more flowers to the area by the swing though since it looks a little off.

It was tough to decide on furniture, but I then I discovered that the you could redesign the cabin series to have a birch bark finish and it looks so pretty with the fall leaves!


A cozy autumn home overlooking the fall colors!

Ali wanted “a mushroom manor” and since I was already in fall house design mode, I figured this would be quick and easy. I’m glad I decided not to use all the mushroom furniture for Deirdre’s house!

Mushrooms, mushrooms, and more mushrooms!
I was even able to make her house look like a cluster of big mushrooms tucked into the side of the cliff!

Ohhhh Bob…this one gave me trouble! When I took this request, I thought I would get all the pretty flower furniture to work with, so I was disappointed when I all I got were a new rug, ugly flower pop wallpaper, and a bunch of clothes. This is another one where the outside turned out much better than the inside…

I really didn’t try that hard…going to need to come back to this one…
Outside looks much better! Love the pink trees! At least I got purple pansies!

Right after I finished with Bob’s flower room and (no flower furniture), Shari shows up and wants a room where flowers never wilt. I thought for sure I was going to hit the flower furniture jackpot this time! But I only ended up getting a few flower pieces and none of the ones I wanted like the hydrangea bed or the rose chair. Again, the outside turned out much better than the inside…guess I’ll be coming back to this one too…

More stupid flower wallpaper and not much flower furniture…fail… XD
At least the outside is kinda pretty!

After two disappointing houses in a row, I needed a break from house designing so I decided to try my hand at designing the café! I really had fun with all the new food items and I love the way it turned out!

The HHA staff loves the new café!
Kid Kat and Kitty enjoy a cupcake together! ❤
Those pastries and that ice cream look sooooooooo good!

After having so much success designing the café, I wanted to keep my momentum going so I went straight to work designing the hospital! The hospital had 3 rooms for me to design, which was a little intimidating but I took it one room at a time and it got easier the more I did it.

The waiting room with all sorts of books, magazines, coloring, and toys to keep patients occupied while they wait. Nurse Bree is adorable! ❤
Another angle of the waiting room from the reception counter.
The patient’s ward complete with everything they and the staff need to treat anything!
A different angle of the patient’s ward.
The doctor’s office – not a whole lot in here since it is small but you get the idea. Mint is super adorable in her nurse outfit as well!
Exteriors of the hospital, school, and café! Going for a pastel blue/pink theme!

Oh boy…I should have known what I was getting myself into when I decided to take Chrissy’s request. So…much…pink! My eyes actually hurt after designing this room due to the bright colors. Still trying to figure out what to do with the outside, but I just did the inside because I was getting a headache!

The blue is pretty bright as well! I love blue and pink as a color combo, but this is WAY too much pink! It suits Chrissy very well though! I’m looking forward to designing Francine’s pretty blue house!

Mint showed up in town after I finished the hospital and requested her house be an ice cream shop! This is one of my favorite houses, even though it looks similar to the café! And mint one of my favorite colors and ice cream flavors!

Getting a first look around!
Similar to the café…maybe I’ll change the wallpaper if I find one that fits better.
I love the outside! I could spend all day eating ice cream here!

So those are some of my HHD houses so far! I like HHD a lot, even though it is different from New Leaf. Here are some things I really like about HHD:

-How easy it is to  move furniture around in rooms and move groups of things at a time

-Not having to store furniture in houses, museums, etc. and worry about space. It’s all in one handy menu and you can search for things.

-Landscaping is so much easier when all the trees and bushes are already full grown and you don’t have to wait 5 days to figure out if you like your landscaping (and if you don’t, HHD makes it super easy to fix)!

-Each villager has a unique request and you can see their personality and learn more about them!

That being said, there are things that I don’t like about HHD as well:

-Not being able to name your town

-The spacing for landscaping is a bit different (this one REALLY bugs me) and it’s annoying you can’t put flowers directly in front of houses.

-Always having to wear your stupid red jacket

My big wish is for them to combine HHD and New Leaf into one big extremely customizable Animal Crossing experience. I know there is talk of an Animal Crossing game for the NX! One can only hope they incorporate aspects from both games! I try to post more frequently now, but things are going to get crazy busy this fall! Hope you all have been well! 🙂



So Much to Do…Too Little Time

Wow, it’s been awhile since I have done a post. Things have been so crazy busy lately, with all the holidays and life changes and whatnot. In mid-December, I moved back home from school to start my new job. Moving and the holidays were pretty crazy and then stuff just kept getting crazier. Two days after Christmas, I was driving home and I hit a patch of black ice and spun out and slammed into the highway divider. Luckily, I was completely fine, but my car was totaled 😦 I then spent nearly the next MONTH looking for another car. Car shopping is a huge pain in the butt and super time consuming. I started my new job at the beginning of January which I very much enjoy. I would come home from work and get on the internet and look for cars that I liked, wanted, did not have tons of things wrong with them, and were in my price range (of not very much). On the weekends, I would go and test drive cars. This went on for about a month until I finally found a car I liked and got it. I am now just getting the point where I am getting the time to actually do things I want to do (i.e. playing video games, theater, crafts, cosplay, etc.) I’ll have some catching up to do on AC:NL or I may just do the hiatus trick. I’m also playing a bunch of other games (my boyfriend and I just got Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire) like Fantasy Life, Pokémon X, Super Smash Bros., and Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. I’m also so excited for Story of Seasons to come out it March! 😀 We’ll see how much time I have to do my hobbies because it looks like I’ll be preparing to move into a place of my own within the next few months. Whew…it’s going to still be busy, but hopefully I’ll have some down time as well! Hopefully I’ll get to do an ACNL post again soon! And I may start posting about my other games and cosplay as well 🙂

Changes Ahead! (For me and my towns)!

I’ve been a little MIA this past month, but I still am enjoying playing Animal Crossing and my other video games! Been playing a lot of Fantasy Life lately, but I’m working on the town of Citaluna too! Just not a whole lot of interesting things to post about. I’m waiting to do another post about Citaluna until I actually finish a house (and it’s taking FOREVER because I’m a perfectionist and I keep deciding I don’t like my rooms after I arrange them). I’m also working on making Autumn and Noelle’s houses into castles and I really want to get Noelle’s house going so it’s a castle for Christmas time  🙂

Big changes (good ones) are also taking place in my life as well. I recently accepted a job related to my field of study and it’s a full time salaried job in a very nice office building, so I’m super excited 😀 That being said, I am currently taking classes at school to supplement my existing BA degree, so I will be moving back to my hometown (where my new job is) at the end of this semester, which is very soon! These next few weeks will be a bit stressful with the transitions, but it will be worth it! I also will have consistent wifi once I get home! Yay! Not sure how much time I’m going to have to play videogames after I start my new job, but I will continue to blog on here about my Animal Crossing towns (both Citaluna and my new town, Lilywood) and life in general. Hopefully I’ll get to do a town update soon! Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season! ❤ ❤ ❤

An Early November Post About Late October

So I’m a little behind in my posting heheh  😛  Been busy with classes and working AND I just got Fantasy Life (It’s super fun, I really like it. If you like AC, you will like this game a lot too)! I don’t have tons of pictures (still need to take some photos of Lenore’s Halloween costume) since I am still redecorating and expanding houses and waiting for my last two PWPs I want suggested. I did however, update my dream address recently so you can check that out and see how it’s progressing! Feel free to give me feedback as well 🙂

Villager Happenings


Shush Cookie! You’ll jinx it!  😛  I have all of my dreamies and no is going ANYWHERE!


Yes, they are! They have the same personality type (normal) so that’s probably why they are good friends ( I love it when the game makes references to villagers being friends with each other)  🙂


Awwwww….Lily is so cute! It’s ok, Lily! I don’t like super scary stuff either!

HNI_0073 HNI_0074

Actually I planted these perfect pear trees so I DID grow them! You better start believing it or you won’t be bringing you my perfect pears lol 😛


Beau suggested a water pump…I actually ended up using it and it’s pretty cute! I put it by the bridge across the path from Melody’s house. A place to get some fresh water for the picnic perhaps?


Does Bud like Purrl??? ❤ ❤ ❤


Purrl noticing all the new artwork I have donated 😀 Maybe Bud should take Purrl on a date to the museum?


It’s right by Melody’s house!

Around Town

HNI_0008 HNI_0041

Finished the windmill PWP (replaced the fence) and I moved the topiaries to their new location 😀


Happy Explorer Day!

HNI_0057 HNI_0058

Noelle paid off her home loan so now I can working on expanding it! A look at the inside so far…

HNI_0063 HNI_0039

I got two new badges! 😀

HNI_0059 HNI_0060

I love it when Katrina throws your astrological sign in the fortune telling! Makes it even more magical and mysterious sounding…

-Fiery Sunset Photo Gallery-

I FINALLY got my first fiery sunset ever in Citaluna! It came a great time too because all of the trees and grass where gold colored and the perfect golden pear trees looked soooooooooo pretty against the pretty orange sunset!

HNI_0045 HNI_0053

The Golden Garden and the my new fountain by the riverside garden area I am working on  🙂

HNI_0054 HNI_0051 HNI_0050 HNI_0049

Town Hall, the court area by Kiki’s house, and Kiki’s house and the lighthouse!

HNI_0047 HNI_0048 HNI_0046 HNI_0056

The bell, Autumn’s house, the windmill, and overlooking the beach by Bud’s house!


HNI_0033 HNI_0032 HNI_0031

Amy came for a visit and got a sneak peak of my new areas in town and some of my interior redecorating 😀 She even brought me a blue rose, so I can breed blue roses and get them much easier! We did a lot more sightseeing than the pictures show! I get so involved in wifis/dreams I forget to take lots of pictures lol 😛



I had Lilah come visit so I could fix her hair! Not too exciting…Hopefully I’ll have some more eventful things to write about next time! Still working on Lilywood too, but I’m going to try and finish Citaluna before getting too involved in that! I’ll work on my rooms some more! It may be a bit before my next post since I’m going to try and finish Lenore’s house before my next one, but we’ll see  🙂 I also now have to split my time playing Fantasy Life and AC:NL because they are both so fun! And Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley just came out and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are coming out soon! So many games…so little time!





FINALLY Found a Map I Like for Lilywood!

I’ll be doing another update for Citaluna sometime later this week, but I wanted to share that I found my town map for Lilywood! It’s not exactly what I had in mind as far as the river (really winding), but it met all my specific requirements: apples, visible waterfall, town tree not next to train tracks, town hall not near wall, no brown/red train station, no brown town hall, and a vertical beach ramp w/large landing area. I kinda wanted a blue town hall but I got the grey one, which looks almost identical plus I do want it to be different from Citaluna. I also am not a huge fan of square grass, but Amy made a good point saying that avid landscapers like us often cover the ground in flowers anyway, so you don’t even see the grass! I’ll post some pictures of Lilah once I find some better clothes and fix her hair. I’m thinking the bun hairstyle with purple hair and a pink lily 🙂 She has the same eye shape as Autumn but her eye color is going to be green (I don’t like a lot of the eye shapes, so I figured I would just double up and use features to make them different). Anyway, this is my map!


(I’m standing on the bridge in this screenshot-don’t have my permit yet so can’t get a good shot on the top screen yet). Hopefully I’ll get a dream address soon 🙂 Time to start collecting dreamies! I’ll write about them in my next Lilywood post!

Early October Update!

I’m hoping to be updating more frequently now, especially since there will be lots of new things added (and a few things demolished). I don’t have to spend copious amounts of time plot resetting, so that should make my updates more frequent. A few quick notes: -My dream address changed (again…). It is now 4200-4705-7130 but it has been updated! I updated before I started making all the big changes and I will update again when I am finished with them 🙂 -I will be at home (which means I have wifi 😀 ) this coming weekend (10/10 – 10/12) and next weekend (10/17 – 10/19), so if you want to wifi, tell me and we’ll see if we can find a good time 🙂 -I am looking to grow more blue roses but I just have the one so far, so if anyone has any tips on growing blue roses, that would be awesome! If I could get one more blue rose, I could breed those two, but no luck yet…Also still need gold roses but I’ll need to start my second town first, which reminds me… -Hoping to start Lilywood soon, but, as always, I find myself being super picky…It’s also super annoying that you only have a 1/5 chance of getting apples, which is my main requirement for Lilywood. Hopefully I’ll find a town soon! I want to start growing gold roses and more hybrids!

Introducing: Autumn and Noelle!



I’ve had Autumn in my town for awhile, but have not gotten around to doing too much with her until now. I finally came up with some concept ideas for Autumn (beyond the fall theme, which is very broad). I want her character and house to have a “country style” and “harvest” feel to it (of course with one room of Halloween furniture). I love the combination of her bright blue eyes (color of the fall sky) with her orange/red braids (the color of the changing leaves). The braid hairstyle also strikes me as very “country” as well. I still need to upgrade her house to a castle so I can have a castle for every season.



Noelle FINALLY gets to move out of her tent and into a house 😀 It needs a few more renovations to the outside (blue arched fairytale door and a fancy fence), but it’s coming along nicely! I’m thinking of changing her hair color to light blue, but we’ll see. I like the fancy hairstyle since it reminds me of getting dressed up for holiday parties! Noelle’s concept is going to be Holiday party/snow themed with maybe a cozy library and/or a bathhouse for relaxing on those cold winter nights. I’m also toying with the idea of a star room, since the stars are often out early and very bright during the winter, but we’ll see! Villager Happenings Not a ton of villager happenings in this post, but I’ll put up the few I have! HNI_0074

I sure hope so, Beau! I still get a party and cake at 26 but I’m not sure if that counts as being “grown up” lol 😀


I’m confused as to why Lily has a frog costume in her house when she is already a frog? She needs a better Halloween costume than that! Wait until you see what Lenore has in store for her Halloween costume 😀


Kiki was taking a walk in front of town hall and was right under the Luna flag! I can’t get over how much they look alike! So cute!!! ❤


Well, Julian, we are in my spring/flower room so that MIGHT have something to do with it!

Around Town

Lots of stuff has been happening around town!


This cardboard table appeared at my retail this morning!

HNI_0063 HNI_0062

I got my last statue about a week ago! Now I just need to collect paintings 😀


I love how you can see the lighthouse from the dock! Helps Kapp’n see at night! HNI_0071

The first double rainbow I’ve seen in Citaluna!


Finally finished Noelle’s winter illumination garden! Need to add a few more white/blue flowers and put down some cool patterns once the snow falls!


I took down the PWPs in front of town hall and decided to go with some nice landscaping and some cute water patterns! I love it and it looks so much better now 🙂 HNI_0060

Town hall was especially pretty that night! Love the tiny crescent moon! I want to put in blue roses with the pink tulips to match the town hall roof!


One of my favorite spots in town!


The waterfall picnic area is coming along! I want to add some more trees and bushes. That darn rock is going to be a pain to work around though 😦

Coming Soon!


I put this fence in as a garden for Resee, but there is too much fence and not enough garden and it takes up a lot of room. Plus the fence is sort of ugly…(it looks good in other towns filled with fruit baskets and such, so I think it’s just that the space is too small). I also could not find any pumpkin patch or vegetable garden qr codes. I’m thinking of putting a windmill here (kind of nice fall PWP) and then putting some flowers/bushes/trees around it.

HNI_0100 HNI_0001

I’m going to move these topiaries somewhere else. The water pattern around them sticks out (it really bugs me) and I want more room for roses and trees since it’s a rose garden. I want the flower arch to be the center of attention since it has all the roses on it!


I just came up with this idea for the area surrounding the river on the other side of Lenore’s property! I’ll have to see how it turns out, but I’ve got some landscaping and PWP ideas I am excited to try! I’ll update and post pictures as it develops!

Ideas Welcome!

There a few places around town that I need to add some more things to because they seem kind of boring…HNI_0002

This area just above Melody’s summer castle-I was thinking maybe some landscaping, since I am almost at my PWP limit 😦


Melody’s front yard needs some work. I have a pattern of bushes I want to try using but now sure how good it will look…

. HNI_0082

This little area just to the left of Noelle’s property by the front of town


And the other side in front of the train station. I’m going to need to use patterns since there is no room to plant/build anything. The flower clock is just below the yellow cosmos.

August/September in Citaluna!

I keep meaning to update more often, but I either a)don’t have enough interesting things to post about or b)life happens-this past month, I moved back up to school for the semester. I will only be able to wifi up here occasionally because the 3ds does not support my school’s wifi, so if I want to wifi, I’ll have to go to a friends’ house off campus  (or when I go home for the weekend) 😦  But enough business for now! My town makes more progress everyday and lots of stuff has happened since my last post!

Villager Happenings


Gee thanks, Kiki…… 😛




Lolly and Julian look like they are kissing in this picture? Cute! Wonder if it tastes like pear? lol


Sounds familiar…..


About time this got suggested…now to get that wisteria trellis from her and Cookie STILL needs to suggest the fairy-tale bridge!!!


Around Town

HNI_0041 HNI_0040 HNI_0042 HNI_0006

Enjoying some of the wonderful fireworks and meteor showers that happen in summer! Really missing these,  but the winter season will bring auroras!


Wow…everyone is getting rid of their refrigerators…

HNI_0023 HNI_0021

Lolly and Kiki are next door neighbors and  I did some landscaping to match each of their houses! Lolly’s is more spring like and Kiki’s is more summer like with a hint of spring! The orange goes really nicely with her house and the lighthouse 😀


I won the bug off! (How couldn’t I with a golden stag?) 😛


My first blue rose!!! Now if I could only get one more, I could breed them and have tons of blue roses! They are really tough to get even with the special red offspring (about a 5% chance).


Moving in More Dreamies!


Got Bruce moved in without too much trouble!


Beau on the other hand was super frustrating! This kept happening! He kept moving THREE spaces away from the PWP instead of two spaces. It was this exact same spot every time…


I was getting super frustrated after about a week (I don’t know how Amy did this with Pango for practically a month! I was going crazy after a week!)I removed the PWP and started putting bells in the area I did not want him to move. I think they can still move on top of them, but it makes it less likely maybe? Regardless, I got Beau into his new spot at last!


Welcome Beau! I love his house! Reminds me of late summer/early fall with the mountains/wildflowers!

HNI_0051 HNI_0053

I finally got Purrl to move back! (Apparently, my boyfriend just needs to be sitting by me,  and the game does exactly what I want!) I loaded up the game that day with him there to show him how stubborn villagers are about moving an Purrl pinged me fist thing-I swear this game hates me and loves him 😛 I figured Purrl would then take a while to move in like Beau did, but it only took like 30 minutes! (You can see that I switched to my fall paths in this picture  🙂  )

You know what this means?


This means that Noelle can finally move out of her tent, I’ll have 10 more spaces for patterns, and I can stop putting flower beds everywhere for house repellent! I can’t wait to do the next post when I will have Noelle’s house starting to look like a winter castle! I’ve been focusing mainly on the outdoor part of my town and I hope to finish that soon so I can start decorating rooms!

Second Town Coming Soon!

Now that I have all my dreamies in Citaluna, I feel like I can start planning my second town. I want my second town to have:

-Blue Train Station

-Blue Town Hall


I would love to have circle grass again as well, but I feel like it should be another pattern since Citaluna has circle grass (but if circle grass shows up, I’m not complaining lol). I’m also going to be way less picky about the map this time. I could go for a side facing waterfall or a south facing one. I think there are a lot of maps I could make look good! I feel more creative now that I have planned my very first town, so the prospect of a map I don’t initially see potential in, isn’t as scary! Thanks to everyone for giving me ideas and feedback and forcing me to think more creatively! Amy from a forest life has been especially helpful and gracious in helping me plan my town 🙂

I think I am going to name my mayor character “Lilah” and have Misty and Musetta be residents. I am still going back and forth between Lilywood and Starpass, but I think I am leaning a little more toward Lilywood because there are so many pretty garden/path patterns and PWPs I want to use. Plus I already have Citaluna, which is named after Luna the moon cat from Sailor Moon, so I feel like naming the town Starpass might be a bit too similar. I also like some of the alternate names I came up with for Lilywood (listed below so check that out too).

-Lilah means “night” in Hebrew, so it would go very well with the name Starpass, since they both reference the night
-I could do a cloud/dream theme on one side of town and a “reality” side on the other
-I haven’t seen another town named Starpass, so it’s unique
-Alternate names: Starmist, Starview, Starwood
-Many people have said that Starpass sounds like “Streetpass” which is kinda true…
-It could be read as “Starp-a$$”, which I really don’t want to have happen

-Goes well with the name Lilah (L’s sound good together)
-The whole town could be a beautiful garden with elaborate landscaping for the villager houses
-Lots of garden-like PWPs and qr codes
-Alternate names: Lilyview, Lilypass, Lilyside
-Pretty generic name and probably a few towns with that name
-Lilah of Lilywood seems just a bit cliché

Hopefully I’ll have a final verdict soon!

A Random Post About Random Things

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. Things have been a little hectic here with moving back up to school and whatnot. I’ve also been dealing with financial aid stuff for the past few weeks, which has been affecting my class/work schedule and stressing me out like crazy! I think it’s finally sorted out though. I have been (and still am) waiting for Purrl to be ready to move from my boyfriend’s town back to Citaluna, but she’s being super stubborn! Once she moves, I’m going to have to plot reset for her (the last plot reset though!!!!). In the meantime, I’ll post about a few interesting ideas for my second town, plus I now have artwork of Melody thanks to artiststape from reddit 😀

Art of Melody!

Melody gazing out at the ocean from the beach in front of her house! So summer-like!
Melody gazing out at the ocean from the beach in front of her house! So summer-like!

Ideas for My Second Town

I’ve come up with a few name ideas for my second town and it’s mayor:

Town Names:

Starpass, Lilywood, Sunshire

Mayor Names:

Lilah, Musetta, Misty, Ellie

Which one is your favorite and why?

(I may eventually think about getting a third town, but for now I am almost too busy to consider a second town 😛 )

Theme Ideas:

Lilywood-garden theme with the zen bell and wisteria trellis, tons of trees, cottages and zen-castles

Starpass-could also do a garden theme there and have a garden theme side of town and a “dreamlike” side of town with cloud pathways

Sunshire-still brainstorming on this one

***Hopefully I’ll be able to do another post about Citaluna soon! I just re-landscaped by Kiki’s house and I’m super excited to show you guys 😀 I’m also redoing the area around town hall for the umpteenth time, but I think I finally may have an idea I like!

Cycling and Construction Progress!

It’s been awhile since I put up a post on my town since I have been cycling and rearranging things in my town, but I have made major progress and I am thrilled 🙂 My villagers have been really cute and entertaining lately as well so there are some really nice pictures! I also visited some dream towns and had a few wifis so those will be here as well 🙂

Villager Happenings


Hahaha uchi villagers say the funniest random things and I love it!


Most villagers hate the rain, but apparently Kiki likes the rain even though she is a cat 😛


Taking a break with Julian in Lenore’s spring garden


All smiles with Cookie! This is my new “golden garden” behind town hall. I still need gold roses to put around (don’t have any yet…) but at least the perfect pear trees and the bench clearly match the theme!


I fell in a pitfall 😦 Kiki was very concerned!


I think Kiki looks plenty bright! At least she gives Kiki credit for fixing her tape player and admits that Kiki is better with machines than she is. Uchi compliments are weird sometimes…


Awwww, Cookie and Julian would be such a cute couple ❤


Katie came to visit my town 😀 She is so cute!!

Around Town


Finally caught one of these things! I started up the game and when I walked outside of my  house, it was sitting right in front of the doorway! It hadn’t noticed me yet so I had a chance to grab my net and get it before it got me! The tarantulas in the game actually freak me out way more than they do irl. The ones in the game chase you and bite you and make creepy noises!!! However, when I see tarantulas irl, they are in a cage so that helps. But they are pretty relaxed in there-they just sit under their log all day.



Finally got a rainbow 😀 It’s a little faded, but still really pretty! I wish the azalea bushes were still in bloom!


Got this a little bit ago! Hopefully it will help with growing hybrids!



FINALLY got that last fossil I was looking for! Blathers may have worse puns than my boyfriend, but it’s a close call 😛


Trying out a new idea by town hall. I liked it, but there was not enough room to put one of the other side, plus I wanted the “street” that goes up to Bud, Cookie, and Hazel’s houses to be in a straight line. I ended up putting the fountains on either side of Town Hall.


Speaking of Town Hall…it got remodeled! I really like how it looks with the Luna flag I made and the colors and hearts on the top look like something you would see in Sailor Moon 🙂


Lenore’s house exterior has been remodeled as well 😀 Looks much more spring-like!!!

Moving in Dreamies!

I finally was able to move Julian back in! After all the trouble he caused moving out and whatnot, I figured he would be a pain to move back in as well…


It was not too bad though-only took me like an hour or so…phew! I love this new location for his house by the waterfall and the bridge and the beach 🙂



I was DREADING plot resetting for Lolly because I had such a specific spot for her house and I saw how much trouble Amy from aforestlife was having plot resetting with Pango (almost a month of plot resetting!). I wanted to get Lolly off of my yucky cycle town though so I invited her…



Much to my surprise, the plot reset only took me about 30 minutes or so 😀 Right after I read Amy’s comment wishing me good luck on plot resetting, Lolly’s house landed here!!! Now Kiki has a next door kitty neighbor ❤


Welcome to Citaluna, Lolly!!!

Lily also was ready to move back so I decided to move her in. I figured after getting really lucky with Lolly that moving in Lily would take forever…


but Lily only took me like 30 minutes or so as well! I was shocked! Only 3 more dream neighbors to go 😀


Welcome back Lily! We’ll always be friends!


Wifis and Dreams

Just a quick section on some wifis and some cool pictures from random dream towns!


Wifing with Amy from aforestlife 🙂 Lenore and Estel on the new benches in Lenore’s spring garden! Oh how I miss those azalea flowers!


My boyfriend recently got Animal Crossing so I visited his town, Ravnica! Remember how I had all these specifications for my town about having a blue train station and town hall and south facing waterfalls? Well, the only thing he wanted for his town was oranges as the town fruit (and most people, including me, hate oranges as the native fruit). It only took him like 3 resets to get his town and on top of that, he got a blue train station, a blue town hall AND a south facing waterfall along with the oranges he wanted! I was soooooooo jealous because it took me almost a month of resetting to find my town and he got almost everything I wanted in like 10 minutes! LOL


Adventure Time!!! I visited a dream town with this cute face board!


I visited another dream town and they had a Sailor Moon faceboard!!!!! I NEED THIS!!! I love this picture!


In a dream town with baskets of all the perfect fruits! Apples, pears, and cherries are my favorite. I am not a huge fan of the peaches and the oranges-they look almost the same as the regular versions of the fruit!