Photo Gallery (Finally)!

UPDATE 05/08/2014: My repaired 3DS XL with the town of CItaluna will most likely be returning to me on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week!!! 😀 I will be updating again so after I get it back! Expect some new pictures!

So I have sent my 3DS XL off to Nintendo to be repaired. Nothing major, but the R shoulder button is very “sticky” and is very annoying to play with and the warranty is still good, so I figured I should get it fixed. That said, I will be without my Animal Crossing town for about 1 and 1/2 to 2 weeks 😦 I figured this would be a good time to put up some photos of town and talk about town happenings and whatnot! Enjoy!

Featuring: Lenore’s Castle of Spring


Finally found a spring-like ground pattern for Lenore’s castle garden (her season is spring)! I love the azalea bushes in bloom! I’m thinking of maybe replacing the fountain with a flower clock but I can’t decide 😛


Someone finally suggested the statue fountains! Now if they would just suggest those elegant metal benches to put behind the fountains! I did a an arrangement of springy colored flowers as well. I planted tons of cherry trees and was really sad when I found out that only the non-fruit bearing trees turn pink 😦 Oh well, I’ll know for next year!


Finally finished Lenore’s Princess bedroom 😀 It still needs a few minor details but I’m so excited to have all of the Princess furniture!


I was redecorating my main floor, when Kiki stopped by for a visit 😀

Around Town


Citaluna’s town flag featuring Luna! This was my first attempt at making a pattern and I think it turned out pretty well!


Taking a break with Bob-Bon 🙂


Did a lot of plot resetting and FINALLY got Cookie’s house where I wanted it! Her house is one of my favorites in the game and thought it would look so cute next to the pond ❤



Lenore in her element (err, season I guess)!

Fun with Friends!


Amy (whose blog is here, check it out 🙂 and I did some Wifi with our mayors! I got some amazing items from my wishlist and I was able to help her out with some of the items on her wishlist as well! Thanks Amy!!! 😀


Estel and Lenore inside Lyra’s (one of Amy’s characters) house in the throne room she made! I love the bright colors!!!


My RL friend stopped by with her character, Dove, who hails from the town of Kingdom! I love the crown she has! I want one too!

That’s about all I have for now! Hopefully, my 3DS XL comes back soon and I can do more picture posts! In the meantime, I’m having fun playing my cycle town (which is a mess) and playing Bravely Default. I’m glad I kept my original 3DS!

Public Works Projects/Landscaping! (And some advice for screen caps)

So I really want to start putting pictures of my town up and I was wondering which methods people find the most helpful for putting up the screen caps. I know many different ways, but I want to know what works best and what is easiest. There have been many new PWPs that have been built and I have been working on my dream villagers and flower arrangements so I want to put up pictures 😀 For now, I have updated my dream address which is 4200-3677-2937 so feel free to come visit 🙂 The statue fountains are up in front of Lenore’s house but I am sadly still waiting for the beautiful metal benches to put under the cherry trees 😦 My rose garden needs some work too, since I took lots of the pink roses to put around my front garden and still need to put the coordinating flowers on the right side so it’s symmetrical. Here is a list of the PWP projects I am still looking to get and where they are going to go!

Flower Clock – in front of the train station where I have the place mapped out (and maybe one in front of Lenore’s house to replace the fountain if I can have two)

Metal Bench – For Lenore’s front garden under the cherry trees behind the fountains to add to my elegant spring garden

Bell – Will go near re-tail where the yellow bench place holder is in the Fall area (Fall always makes me think of school starting and school bells ringing, so I figured it would be fitting to have a bell near Autumn’s house)

Picnic Blanket – It’s not summer without a picnic and what better place to have it than right by the waterfall! (Will replace the outdoor chair place holder to the right of Melody’s house)

That’s about all I’m missing for PWPs I want (as of right now). I am still working on getting hybrids, specifically pink lilies, black lilies and pink roses. If you have any other ideas for PWP’s that may look good, let me know!

Dream Villagers!

I have finally decided on my dreamies! It was tough to narrow it down to only 10, especially since I tend to favor the normal and peppy villagers. At first I wanted only peppy, normal, snooty, and smug villagers, but then I realized I would not ever get all the public works projects without all the types, plus it keeps things interesting. There are 8 villager types so I can have 2 of any personality type I want and they are both going to be normal villagers-they are so nice 🙂 I decided villagers based on the personalities I needed, cuteness, and house appearance (I hate the industrial looking houses with the metal exteriors and/or the shabby fences). Well, without further ado, here is the list 🙂

N=Normal, P=Peppy, U=Uchi, Sn=Snooty, L=Lazy, C=Cranky, J=Jock, Sm=Smug

1. Kiki – N (of course) 😀

2. Lily – N (she is adorable and my favorite color)!

3. Lolly – N (because Kiki needs a kitty friend)

4. Cookie – P (sooooooo cute 😀 )

5. Julian – Sm (I’ve wanted a unicorn since I was 5)

6. Kitty or Puurl – Sn (I love cats)

7. Bruce – C (just moved in, and I think I’ll keep him since most of the Cranky villagers have metal-looking house exteriors and his house looks ok)

8. Elmer – L (cute, laid back look)

9. Bud – J (he is the epitome of summer and he’s cool)

10. Hazel or Pashmina – U (I am having a tough time picking so feel free to give me your opinion)

Town Map

This is the town of Citaluna named after Luna the Moon Cat on Sailor Moon! It took me FOREVER to find a map I liked because I had very specific qualifications:
-Blue Town Hall
-Blue Train Station
-South Facing Waterfall
-Circle Grass
-Private area for the mayor’s house
-Two ponds or less
-Town Tree not by train tracks or re-tail
-Town Hall not by cliff
-No wasted space
-Not oranges as native fruit

Town Map
Town Map

I was so excited when I FINALLY got my town (It must have been over 3,000 resets)! My town fruit is pears (which I can’t figure out why everyone hates them. I think the gold ones are pretty). I’ll post my dream address soon so people can visit! Luna is the town mascot and I made a flag design of her. My favorite villager is Kiki because she looks so much like Luna (I love cats! Can you tell?)! My plan for my town is to make my characters four houses and the areas they are in represent the four seasons, so each area of town will stand out at different time of year! I put my houses in a sort of circle around the town tree (love the placement of the tree) to represent the cycling seasons along with the moon. That’s about all for now, hopefully I’ll get the time to make another post soon 🙂 Thanks for visiting!