Town Map

This is the town of Citaluna named after Luna the Moon Cat on Sailor Moon! It took me FOREVER to find a map I liked because I had very specific qualifications:
-Blue Town Hall
-Blue Train Station
-South Facing Waterfall
-Circle Grass
-Private area for the mayor’s house
-Two ponds or less
-Town Tree not by train tracks or re-tail
-Town Hall not by cliff
-No wasted space
-Not oranges as native fruit

Town Map
Town Map

I was so excited when I FINALLY got my town (It must have been over 3,000 resets)! My town fruit is pears (which I can’t figure out why everyone hates them. I think the gold ones are pretty). I’ll post my dream address soon so people can visit! Luna is the town mascot and I made a flag design of her. My favorite villager is Kiki because she looks so much like Luna (I love cats! Can you tell?)! My plan for my town is to make my characters four houses and the areas they are in represent the four seasons, so each area of town will stand out at different time of year! I put my houses in a sort of circle around the town tree (love the placement of the tree) to represent the cycling seasons along with the moon. That’s about all for now, hopefully I’ll get the time to make another post soon 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

1 thought on “Town Map”

  1. 😮 We have so much in common! It took me forever to find my town map- and I had the same requirements as you xD My town tree is quite near the train tracks, but I don’t mind- especially since it is neatly tucked away in a corner and it makes it quite easy for dream visitors to see all of it c:

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