Major Construction in Citaluna!

I have been having so many “light bulb moments” (as Amy calls them 🙂 ) lately! Since I have to cycle to get Julian and Beau back, I thought I would use the opportunity to really start solidifying my plans for Citaluna. I decided that as long as I was cycling, I wanted to change the locations of some of my dreamies’ houses so things look nicer and the houses are more convenient to get to (Lily’s house was especially bothering me-it just made everything really crowded). For the time being, I have moved Bruce and Lily to my cycle town and hopefully getting a friend to hold Purrl so I can redo the area on the left side of my town where lots of the houses are. I also have completely redone the area around my town hall so there is a perfect rectangle path around it that connects with the one by the train station. I am going to move the two outside fairy tale streetlights down and put some statue fountains on either side of town hall and use patterns to decorate around them. I also am developing plans for a “secret garden” area behind town hall with trees, flowers and a nice bench which should go really nicely with the pond up there as well. I have decided to move my fence next to retail and make it into a seasonal vegetable garden for Resee (so excited for it to by a pumpkin patch in the fall since it is in the fall area 🙂 I am going to make the place where the fence was into a mushroom garden (which will also be in the fall area). Well, enough talk, here is a grid of my plans so far (thanks so much to Amy from aforestlife for showing me how to do this 😀

(Click the picture to enlarge it)


I need to finish filling in the beach and the water in the grid eventually 😛

Customization Crazy!

So I’ve been a little MIA because I have been cycling my town so Julian and Beau can come back (only 6 more villagers to go; special thanks to Amy from aforestlife for holding onto Beau for me 🙂 ), but I’ve started trying to make my own paths lately and I am so into it! I found this tutorial on how to make brick paths by Vivacore (check out her Animal Crossing town and blog) and it has been beyond helpful:

She is so talented and so generous to make a tutorial and teach others how to do what she does 🙂

I want to make a fall version and a winter version of the paths I currently use during spring and summer (made my Merci, check out her stuff too):

I want to add borders to my paths, like the flower boarders she has (but instead use leaves for fall and holly for winter) but I am having lots of trouble with it. If anyone has a similar patterns or knows how to make a border look good, I would really love the advice. Any template or visuals you have are good as well! I’m very new to this path making thing 😛

Real-Life Connections to Citaluna

So I thought it might be interesting to post a few aspects of my life that connect me to my town of Citaluna and the concepts behind it!


My town is named for Luna the moon cat on Sailor Moon (I grew up with that show in the 90’s). Luna was always my favorite (how can you not love a talking cat with a moon on her head?) and I wanted her to have her own town 😀



This is my cat, Java, who reminds me so much of Luna the moon cat, as well as my favorite villager and mascot, Kiki (one of his nicknames is Mr. Kiki actually 😛 )! He’s brown, but he looks black in certain light.



I live in the upper Midwest where there are great distinctions between the four seasons. The first picture is behind the frozen waterfall in the city near where I live. The second picture is the flowering tree in my neighbor’s yard (looks so much like the town tree in AC: NL when it’s pink). Each season is beautiful in it’s own way and I wanted my town to represent that!


There is tons of wildlife near where I live (deer, cranes, turtles, ducks, geese, frogs, squirrels to name a few) so I wanted some villagers to represent those (like Lily, Bruce, Hazel, and Beau). Lots of people in my neighborhood also have dogs and cats so I wanted those in there too (Cookie, Purrl, Lolly).


Always really enjoyed fantasy with the dragons, unicorns, and fairies (represented by Julian)! I also loved big, exotic animals such as lions, leopards, wolves, and polar bears (represented by Bud)!

I’ll add more to this if I take/find any more cool pictures representing my town 🙂

Rough Times in Citaluna (Any help much appreciated)

So today has just been a nightmare day in Animal Crossing for me 😦 First, I was plot resetting for Beau and I accidentally went into the game and now his house is in the wrong spot. I then TT a few days ahead back to the present day and Julian moved out on me!!! 😦 So now I need to move out 16 villagers to get Julian back. While I’m at it, I might as well have Beau move as well and cycle him back in so they will be able to move back in around the same time. I need someone to hold both Beau and Julian while I cycle. I can’t use my cycle town since both of them recently came from there. Also, I need to move in cycle villagers so they can move out ASAP so if you had unwanted villagers, I can take them (my cycle town can help with that too). Any help would greatly appreciated 🙂 In the meantime, I’m going to switch to working on the inside of my houses instead (expanding rooms, decorating, house exteriors, etc.) so I’ll be updating on that!