Cycling and Construction Progress!

It’s been awhile since I put up a post on my town since I have been cycling and rearranging things in my town, but I have made major progress and I am thrilled 🙂 My villagers have been really cute and entertaining lately as well so there are some really nice pictures! I also visited some dream towns and had a few wifis so those will be here as well 🙂

Villager Happenings


Hahaha uchi villagers say the funniest random things and I love it!


Most villagers hate the rain, but apparently Kiki likes the rain even though she is a cat 😛


Taking a break with Julian in Lenore’s spring garden


All smiles with Cookie! This is my new “golden garden” behind town hall. I still need gold roses to put around (don’t have any yet…) but at least the perfect pear trees and the bench clearly match the theme!


I fell in a pitfall 😦 Kiki was very concerned!


I think Kiki looks plenty bright! At least she gives Kiki credit for fixing her tape player and admits that Kiki is better with machines than she is. Uchi compliments are weird sometimes…


Awwww, Cookie and Julian would be such a cute couple ❤


Katie came to visit my town 😀 She is so cute!!

Around Town


Finally caught one of these things! I started up the game and when I walked outside of my  house, it was sitting right in front of the doorway! It hadn’t noticed me yet so I had a chance to grab my net and get it before it got me! The tarantulas in the game actually freak me out way more than they do irl. The ones in the game chase you and bite you and make creepy noises!!! However, when I see tarantulas irl, they are in a cage so that helps. But they are pretty relaxed in there-they just sit under their log all day.



Finally got a rainbow 😀 It’s a little faded, but still really pretty! I wish the azalea bushes were still in bloom!


Got this a little bit ago! Hopefully it will help with growing hybrids!



FINALLY got that last fossil I was looking for! Blathers may have worse puns than my boyfriend, but it’s a close call 😛


Trying out a new idea by town hall. I liked it, but there was not enough room to put one of the other side, plus I wanted the “street” that goes up to Bud, Cookie, and Hazel’s houses to be in a straight line. I ended up putting the fountains on either side of Town Hall.


Speaking of Town Hall…it got remodeled! I really like how it looks with the Luna flag I made and the colors and hearts on the top look like something you would see in Sailor Moon 🙂


Lenore’s house exterior has been remodeled as well 😀 Looks much more spring-like!!!

Moving in Dreamies!

I finally was able to move Julian back in! After all the trouble he caused moving out and whatnot, I figured he would be a pain to move back in as well…


It was not too bad though-only took me like an hour or so…phew! I love this new location for his house by the waterfall and the bridge and the beach 🙂



I was DREADING plot resetting for Lolly because I had such a specific spot for her house and I saw how much trouble Amy from aforestlife was having plot resetting with Pango (almost a month of plot resetting!). I wanted to get Lolly off of my yucky cycle town though so I invited her…



Much to my surprise, the plot reset only took me about 30 minutes or so 😀 Right after I read Amy’s comment wishing me good luck on plot resetting, Lolly’s house landed here!!! Now Kiki has a next door kitty neighbor ❤


Welcome to Citaluna, Lolly!!!

Lily also was ready to move back so I decided to move her in. I figured after getting really lucky with Lolly that moving in Lily would take forever…


but Lily only took me like 30 minutes or so as well! I was shocked! Only 3 more dream neighbors to go 😀


Welcome back Lily! We’ll always be friends!


Wifis and Dreams

Just a quick section on some wifis and some cool pictures from random dream towns!


Wifing with Amy from aforestlife 🙂 Lenore and Estel on the new benches in Lenore’s spring garden! Oh how I miss those azalea flowers!


My boyfriend recently got Animal Crossing so I visited his town, Ravnica! Remember how I had all these specifications for my town about having a blue train station and town hall and south facing waterfalls? Well, the only thing he wanted for his town was oranges as the town fruit (and most people, including me, hate oranges as the native fruit). It only took him like 3 resets to get his town and on top of that, he got a blue train station, a blue town hall AND a south facing waterfall along with the oranges he wanted! I was soooooooo jealous because it took me almost a month of resetting to find my town and he got almost everything I wanted in like 10 minutes! LOL


Adventure Time!!! I visited a dream town with this cute face board!


I visited another dream town and they had a Sailor Moon faceboard!!!!! I NEED THIS!!! I love this picture!


In a dream town with baskets of all the perfect fruits! Apples, pears, and cherries are my favorite. I am not a huge fan of the peaches and the oranges-they look almost the same as the regular versions of the fruit!





Art of Lenore!

Lenore and her seasonal element! Thanks so much to artiststape on reddit for making this for me 😀

Been a little MIA lately because I’ve been working a lot and when I’m not working, I’m cycling villagers (only 10 more to go and I will have all my dreamies)! Hopefully I’ll get around to putting up some of the screenshots of the construction progress in Citaluna soon! Once I get all my dreamies off my cycle town, I am going to restart it (it’s named random letters and full of weeds and just…ughhh!!! I made it that way so I would not feel bad about not playing it, but now I really want to start making another town). I think I am going to name it Starpass and make it sort of a fantasy town with cloud paths, candy paths, etc. but I’ll go into more detail later when I have a better idea of the town concept. I’m going to try not to be as picky about my map this time as well. The only things I want are: a blue train station, apples, and maybe a blue town hall as well 🙂 If I have the money later, I might even get a third copy of ACNL eventually so I can have cherries as a native fruit in a town and I just love so many of the villagers. Then I’ll have my three favorite perfect fruits: Pears, Apples, and Cherries 🙂