A Random Post About Random Things

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. Things have been a little hectic here with moving back up to school and whatnot. I’ve also been dealing with financial aid stuff for the past few weeks, which has been affecting my class/work schedule and stressing me out like crazy! I think it’s finally sorted out though. I have been (and still am) waiting for Purrl to be ready to move from my boyfriend’s town back to Citaluna, but she’s being super stubborn! Once she moves, I’m going to have to plot reset for her (the last plot reset though!!!!). In the meantime, I’ll post about a few interesting ideas for my second town, plus I now have artwork of Melody thanks to artiststape from reddit 😀

Art of Melody!

Melody gazing out at the ocean from the beach in front of her house! So summer-like!
Melody gazing out at the ocean from the beach in front of her house! So summer-like!

Ideas for My Second Town

I’ve come up with a few name ideas for my second town and it’s mayor:

Town Names:

Starpass, Lilywood, Sunshire

Mayor Names:

Lilah, Musetta, Misty, Ellie

Which one is your favorite and why?

(I may eventually think about getting a third town, but for now I am almost too busy to consider a second town 😛 )

Theme Ideas:

Lilywood-garden theme with the zen bell and wisteria trellis, tons of trees, cottages and zen-castles

Starpass-could also do a garden theme there and have a garden theme side of town and a “dreamlike” side of town with cloud pathways

Sunshire-still brainstorming on this one

***Hopefully I’ll be able to do another post about Citaluna soon! I just re-landscaped by Kiki’s house and I’m super excited to show you guys 😀 I’m also redoing the area around town hall for the umpteenth time, but I think I finally may have an idea I like!

4 thoughts on “A Random Post About Random Things”

  1. I like Starpass for your town name/theme and Misty and Musetta for your mayor’s names! 😛 I think the artist did a great job on that picture of Melody, too – she looks adorable! 🙂

  2. Aww, what a lovely drawing! 🙂 My favorite name & theme is Starpass, but both of them sound amazing to be honest! And my favorite of those mayor names is probably Lilah or Misty ^^ Heh, I have a cat named Misty 😛

  3. I did a post on the TBT Forums and it looks like Lilah was the favorite of the names, with Misty as a close second (she will be another resident 🙂 ) Now I’m going back and forth between Starpass and Lilywood! I have some pros and cons for each:

    -Lilah means “night” in Hebrew, so it would go very well with the name Starpass, since they both reference the night
    -I could do a cloud/dream theme on one side of town and a “reality” side on the other
    -I haven’t seen another town named Starpass, so it’s unique
    -Alternate names: Starmist, Starview
    -Many people have said that Starpass sounds like “Streetpass” which is kinda true…
    -It could be read as “Starp-a$$”, which I really don’t want to have happen

    -Goes well with the name Lilah (L’s sound good together)
    -The whole town could be a beautiful garden with elaborate landscaping for the villager houses
    -Lots of garden-like PWPs
    -Alternate names: Lilyview, Lilypass, Lilyside
    -Pretty generic name and probably a few towns with that name
    -Lilah of Lilywood seems just a bit cliché

    I hate being an indecisive perfectionist 😛

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