August/September in Citaluna!

I keep meaning to update more often, but I either a)don’t have enough interesting things to post about or b)life happens-this past month, I moved back up to school for the semester. I will only be able to wifi up here occasionally because the 3ds does not support my school’s wifi, so if I want to wifi, I’ll have to go to a friends’ house off campus  (or when I go home for the weekend) 😦  But enough business for now! My town makes more progress everyday and lots of stuff has happened since my last post!

Villager Happenings


Gee thanks, Kiki…… 😛




Lolly and Julian look like they are kissing in this picture? Cute! Wonder if it tastes like pear? lol


Sounds familiar…..


About time this got suggested…now to get that wisteria trellis from her and Cookie STILL needs to suggest the fairy-tale bridge!!!


Around Town

HNI_0041 HNI_0040 HNI_0042 HNI_0006

Enjoying some of the wonderful fireworks and meteor showers that happen in summer! Really missing these,  but the winter season will bring auroras!


Wow…everyone is getting rid of their refrigerators…

HNI_0023 HNI_0021

Lolly and Kiki are next door neighbors and  I did some landscaping to match each of their houses! Lolly’s is more spring like and Kiki’s is more summer like with a hint of spring! The orange goes really nicely with her house and the lighthouse 😀


I won the bug off! (How couldn’t I with a golden stag?) 😛


My first blue rose!!! Now if I could only get one more, I could breed them and have tons of blue roses! They are really tough to get even with the special red offspring (about a 5% chance).


Moving in More Dreamies!


Got Bruce moved in without too much trouble!


Beau on the other hand was super frustrating! This kept happening! He kept moving THREE spaces away from the PWP instead of two spaces. It was this exact same spot every time…


I was getting super frustrated after about a week (I don’t know how Amy did this with Pango for practically a month! I was going crazy after a week!)I removed the PWP and started putting bells in the area I did not want him to move. I think they can still move on top of them, but it makes it less likely maybe? Regardless, I got Beau into his new spot at last!


Welcome Beau! I love his house! Reminds me of late summer/early fall with the mountains/wildflowers!

HNI_0051 HNI_0053

I finally got Purrl to move back! (Apparently, my boyfriend just needs to be sitting by me,  and the game does exactly what I want!) I loaded up the game that day with him there to show him how stubborn villagers are about moving an Purrl pinged me fist thing-I swear this game hates me and loves him 😛 I figured Purrl would then take a while to move in like Beau did, but it only took like 30 minutes! (You can see that I switched to my fall paths in this picture  🙂  )

You know what this means?


This means that Noelle can finally move out of her tent, I’ll have 10 more spaces for patterns, and I can stop putting flower beds everywhere for house repellent! I can’t wait to do the next post when I will have Noelle’s house starting to look like a winter castle! I’ve been focusing mainly on the outdoor part of my town and I hope to finish that soon so I can start decorating rooms!

Second Town Coming Soon!

Now that I have all my dreamies in Citaluna, I feel like I can start planning my second town. I want my second town to have:

-Blue Train Station

-Blue Town Hall


I would love to have circle grass again as well, but I feel like it should be another pattern since Citaluna has circle grass (but if circle grass shows up, I’m not complaining lol). I’m also going to be way less picky about the map this time. I could go for a side facing waterfall or a south facing one. I think there are a lot of maps I could make look good! I feel more creative now that I have planned my very first town, so the prospect of a map I don’t initially see potential in, isn’t as scary! Thanks to everyone for giving me ideas and feedback and forcing me to think more creatively! Amy from a forest life has been especially helpful and gracious in helping me plan my town 🙂

I think I am going to name my mayor character “Lilah” and have Misty and Musetta be residents. I am still going back and forth between Lilywood and Starpass, but I think I am leaning a little more toward Lilywood because there are so many pretty garden/path patterns and PWPs I want to use. Plus I already have Citaluna, which is named after Luna the moon cat from Sailor Moon, so I feel like naming the town Starpass might be a bit too similar. I also like some of the alternate names I came up with for Lilywood (listed below so check that out too).

-Lilah means “night” in Hebrew, so it would go very well with the name Starpass, since they both reference the night
-I could do a cloud/dream theme on one side of town and a “reality” side on the other
-I haven’t seen another town named Starpass, so it’s unique
-Alternate names: Starmist, Starview, Starwood
-Many people have said that Starpass sounds like “Streetpass” which is kinda true…
-It could be read as “Starp-a$$”, which I really don’t want to have happen

-Goes well with the name Lilah (L’s sound good together)
-The whole town could be a beautiful garden with elaborate landscaping for the villager houses
-Lots of garden-like PWPs and qr codes
-Alternate names: Lilyview, Lilypass, Lilyside
-Pretty generic name and probably a few towns with that name
-Lilah of Lilywood seems just a bit cliché

Hopefully I’ll have a final verdict soon!

12 thoughts on “August/September in Citaluna!”

  1. Your town is really pretty! The orange and purple flowers with the orange tree, and the purple roof contrast very well. 🙂

  2. It’s awesome seeing all the new development in your town! 🙂 Congratulations on completing your dream neighbors! 😀 I look forward to seeing how all their houses are incorporated into the landscape, since Kiki’s yard looks great! And so do the new Fall paths; it’ll be fun to see in the near future what your town’s like in that season ^^

    As I think I’ve told you, Starpass was my personal favorite because it’s a two-word name combination I’ve never thought of before, and it sounds both phonetically pretty to me, along with the idea of it being pretty to me…a starry pass *_* However, there are some good points in the cons section of Starpass. And I’m biased towards dreamy and astronomical names and such, as we both probably have in common, considering our similar town names for our main towns 😛

    For what it’s worth, I don’t find Lilah from Lilywood cliche! Lily from Lilywood might be, but ‘Lilah from Lilywood’ has a nice ring to it imo. And the theme for Lilywood sounds lovely! There are also probably other names that could fit that nature theme about as well: Foxglove, Amaranth, Amarylis, Asphodel, Lilyvale, Dewshade… I also like these two combinations you’ve considered: Lilypass and Starwood 🙂

    I might recommend deciding what theme/feel you want to do first, since that’s the most important thing, and then picking the name that best corresponds to it. Follow your heart: which theme are you most excited for, that you can’t wait to do? Which theme can you just envision in your head how lovely it will be?

    1. Oh I love Lilyvale! It’s similar to Lilywood but doesn’t seem quite as common-sounding! I may go with that one 🙂 Great idea to pick the theme and then go with the name. I actually did not have a theme when I picked the name of Citaluna-I came up with the seasons idea when I looked at where my town tree was. I just wanted to name my town after the cute Sailor moon cat-if “Luna’s Silver City” or “Moon Kingdom” would have fit, I would have used them.
      You can read about Luna’s home of the Moon Kingdom here: (I hate the 8 character limit).

      I am really excited about all the flower, garden, and path qr codes I keep finding! I looked at the patterns I bookmarked and almost all of them are flowers, fruit, or some sort of water or grass pattern! Plus there’s so much I can do with the bushes and trees 🙂 There are a few galactic patterns I like, but maybe I can work those into Citaluna somewhere (make a winter starry night room in Noelle’s castle 🙂

      I’ve forgotten how tedious and frustrating map resetting can be, but at least I can play in Citaluna when I get tired of it! Did you have specific qualifications for Bywater besides the pretty waterfall? I’m really trying not to be too picky but it’s hard!
      Town Must-haves:
      -Blue Town Hall
      -Completely different map shape that Citaluna

      Things I am more open on:
      -Blue or Green Train Station
      -Circle or Triangle Grass
      -South waterfall or pretty visible side waterfall

      1. Glad I could possibly help, and good luck with picking a town, name, and theme that will keep you happy! 🙂

        I didn’t really have many qualifications besides the waterfall for Bywater. I just didn’t want oranges as the town fruit, or a map I hated. Part of the reason why I wasn’t too picky with Bywater is because I’m not very ambitious about the town, though. I don’t need it to be a masterpiece; I just want it to be a quaint, cozy little town with some cute spots eventually, and to use it to build all the different non-demolishable PWPs. If you’re going to be more ambitious with your second time than I am, then it would make sense to have more strict requirements though!

        I think your requirements sound do-able, though if you want some advice on how to cut down your requirements, I might personally recommend mostly focusing on the fruit and map. I think all the town halls are fine — the blue one and ACWW/ACCF-style ones come across as neat and proper to me, and the green-and-brown one comes looks nice and earthy to me, so I actually think it might be fitting if you go with the Lilywood-style theme with lots of greenery around it. Just thought I’d throw that opinion out there, that I think all the different town halls would work fine for your town, especially if you’re going for the nature theme! 🙂 And grass shape might seem important when you’re exploring an empty town, but we AC-landscapers tend to cover up a lot of the grass with paths, trees, and flowers anyway, so the grass shapes aren’t too noticeable once you have a developed town 😛

        Good luck! 🙂

  3. Hey there, I think Starpass is a wonderful name 🙂 However it you’re going to choose Lilywood instead, may I use the town name Starpass? I might be getting a second copy of ACNL soon and I’d love to name my town after that 🙂

    1. Sure! Name your town whatever you like and whatever speaks to you 🙂 I often ask others and use their town name suggestions/ideas. Getting ideas from other people expands your creativity and makes you think in new ways 😀

  4. Wow.. nice town!
    The fireworks in August were really nice, weren’t they?
    Maybe you could put star pass, but in a different language like latin? You could do that with Lily wood too.

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