FINALLY Found a Map I Like for Lilywood!

I’ll be doing another update for Citaluna sometime later this week, but I wanted to share that I found my town map for Lilywood! It’s not exactly what I had in mind as far as the river (really winding), but it met all my specific requirements: apples, visible waterfall, town tree not next to train tracks, town hall not near wall, no brown/red train station, no brown town hall, and a vertical beach ramp w/large landing area. I kinda wanted a blue town hall but I got the grey one, which looks almost identical plus I do want it to be different from Citaluna. I also am not a huge fan of square grass, but Amy made a good point saying that avid landscapers like us often cover the ground in flowers anyway, so you don’t even see the grass! I’ll post some pictures of Lilah once I find some better clothes and fix her hair. I’m thinking the bun hairstyle with purple hair and a pink lily 🙂 She has the same eye shape as Autumn but her eye color is going to be green (I don’t like a lot of the eye shapes, so I figured I would just double up and use features to make them different). Anyway, this is my map!


(I’m standing on the bridge in this screenshot-don’t have my permit yet so can’t get a good shot on the top screen yet). Hopefully I’ll get a dream address soon 🙂 Time to start collecting dreamies! I’ll write about them in my next Lilywood post!

Early October Update!

I’m hoping to be updating more frequently now, especially since there will be lots of new things added (and a few things demolished). I don’t have to spend copious amounts of time plot resetting, so that should make my updates more frequent. A few quick notes: -My dream address changed (again…). It is now 4200-4705-7130 but it has been updated! I updated before I started making all the big changes and I will update again when I am finished with them 🙂 -I will be at home (which means I have wifi 😀 ) this coming weekend (10/10 – 10/12) and next weekend (10/17 – 10/19), so if you want to wifi, tell me and we’ll see if we can find a good time 🙂 -I am looking to grow more blue roses but I just have the one so far, so if anyone has any tips on growing blue roses, that would be awesome! If I could get one more blue rose, I could breed those two, but no luck yet…Also still need gold roses but I’ll need to start my second town first, which reminds me… -Hoping to start Lilywood soon, but, as always, I find myself being super picky…It’s also super annoying that you only have a 1/5 chance of getting apples, which is my main requirement for Lilywood. Hopefully I’ll find a town soon! I want to start growing gold roses and more hybrids!

Introducing: Autumn and Noelle!



I’ve had Autumn in my town for awhile, but have not gotten around to doing too much with her until now. I finally came up with some concept ideas for Autumn (beyond the fall theme, which is very broad). I want her character and house to have a “country style” and “harvest” feel to it (of course with one room of Halloween furniture). I love the combination of her bright blue eyes (color of the fall sky) with her orange/red braids (the color of the changing leaves). The braid hairstyle also strikes me as very “country” as well. I still need to upgrade her house to a castle so I can have a castle for every season.



Noelle FINALLY gets to move out of her tent and into a house 😀 It needs a few more renovations to the outside (blue arched fairytale door and a fancy fence), but it’s coming along nicely! I’m thinking of changing her hair color to light blue, but we’ll see. I like the fancy hairstyle since it reminds me of getting dressed up for holiday parties! Noelle’s concept is going to be Holiday party/snow themed with maybe a cozy library and/or a bathhouse for relaxing on those cold winter nights. I’m also toying with the idea of a star room, since the stars are often out early and very bright during the winter, but we’ll see! Villager Happenings Not a ton of villager happenings in this post, but I’ll put up the few I have! HNI_0074

I sure hope so, Beau! I still get a party and cake at 26 but I’m not sure if that counts as being “grown up” lol 😀


I’m confused as to why Lily has a frog costume in her house when she is already a frog? She needs a better Halloween costume than that! Wait until you see what Lenore has in store for her Halloween costume 😀


Kiki was taking a walk in front of town hall and was right under the Luna flag! I can’t get over how much they look alike! So cute!!! ❤


Well, Julian, we are in my spring/flower room so that MIGHT have something to do with it!

Around Town

Lots of stuff has been happening around town!


This cardboard table appeared at my retail this morning!

HNI_0063 HNI_0062

I got my last statue about a week ago! Now I just need to collect paintings 😀


I love how you can see the lighthouse from the dock! Helps Kapp’n see at night! HNI_0071

The first double rainbow I’ve seen in Citaluna!


Finally finished Noelle’s winter illumination garden! Need to add a few more white/blue flowers and put down some cool patterns once the snow falls!


I took down the PWPs in front of town hall and decided to go with some nice landscaping and some cute water patterns! I love it and it looks so much better now 🙂 HNI_0060

Town hall was especially pretty that night! Love the tiny crescent moon! I want to put in blue roses with the pink tulips to match the town hall roof!


One of my favorite spots in town!


The waterfall picnic area is coming along! I want to add some more trees and bushes. That darn rock is going to be a pain to work around though 😦

Coming Soon!


I put this fence in as a garden for Resee, but there is too much fence and not enough garden and it takes up a lot of room. Plus the fence is sort of ugly…(it looks good in other towns filled with fruit baskets and such, so I think it’s just that the space is too small). I also could not find any pumpkin patch or vegetable garden qr codes. I’m thinking of putting a windmill here (kind of nice fall PWP) and then putting some flowers/bushes/trees around it.

HNI_0100 HNI_0001

I’m going to move these topiaries somewhere else. The water pattern around them sticks out (it really bugs me) and I want more room for roses and trees since it’s a rose garden. I want the flower arch to be the center of attention since it has all the roses on it!


I just came up with this idea for the area surrounding the river on the other side of Lenore’s property! I’ll have to see how it turns out, but I’ve got some landscaping and PWP ideas I am excited to try! I’ll update and post pictures as it develops!

Ideas Welcome!

There a few places around town that I need to add some more things to because they seem kind of boring…HNI_0002

This area just above Melody’s summer castle-I was thinking maybe some landscaping, since I am almost at my PWP limit 😦


Melody’s front yard needs some work. I have a pattern of bushes I want to try using but now sure how good it will look…

. HNI_0082

This little area just to the left of Noelle’s property by the front of town


And the other side in front of the train station. I’m going to need to use patterns since there is no room to plant/build anything. The flower clock is just below the yellow cosmos.