FINALLY Found a Map I Like for Lilywood!

I’ll be doing another update for Citaluna sometime later this week, but I wanted to share that I found my town map for Lilywood! It’s not exactly what I had in mind as far as the river (really winding), but it met all my specific requirements: apples, visible waterfall, town tree not next to train tracks, town hall not near wall, no brown/red train station, no brown town hall, and a vertical beach ramp w/large landing area. I kinda wanted a blue town hall but I got the grey one, which looks almost identical plus I do want it to be different from Citaluna. I also am not a huge fan of square grass, but Amy made a good point saying that avid landscapers like us often cover the ground in flowers anyway, so you don’t even see the grass! I’ll post some pictures of Lilah once I find some better clothes and fix her hair. I’m thinking the bun hairstyle with purple hair and a pink lily 🙂 She has the same eye shape as Autumn but her eye color is going to be green (I don’t like a lot of the eye shapes, so I figured I would just double up and use features to make them different). Anyway, this is my map!


(I’m standing on the bridge in this screenshot-don’t have my permit yet so can’t get a good shot on the top screen yet). Hopefully I’ll get a dream address soon 🙂 Time to start collecting dreamies! I’ll write about them in my next Lilywood post!

1 thought on “FINALLY Found a Map I Like for Lilywood!”

  1. Aww yay, congratulations on finding a town! 😀 I’m sure it’ll be fun for you to develop in, and fun for us to watch it grow! It’s great you were able to meet that many requirements, and the map looks great — I personally think a winding river is good for a nature-themed town such as this. ^^ I like the nooks formed by your house and the waterfall, and I’ve seen people do cool things with narrow strips of land like the one between the river and the cliff.

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