An Early November Post About Late October

So I’m a little behind in my posting heheh  😛  Been busy with classes and working AND I just got Fantasy Life (It’s super fun, I really like it. If you like AC, you will like this game a lot too)! I don’t have tons of pictures (still need to take some photos of Lenore’s Halloween costume) since I am still redecorating and expanding houses and waiting for my last two PWPs I want suggested. I did however, update my dream address recently so you can check that out and see how it’s progressing! Feel free to give me feedback as well 🙂

Villager Happenings


Shush Cookie! You’ll jinx it!  😛  I have all of my dreamies and no is going ANYWHERE!


Yes, they are! They have the same personality type (normal) so that’s probably why they are good friends ( I love it when the game makes references to villagers being friends with each other)  🙂


Awwwww….Lily is so cute! It’s ok, Lily! I don’t like super scary stuff either!

HNI_0073 HNI_0074

Actually I planted these perfect pear trees so I DID grow them! You better start believing it or you won’t be bringing you my perfect pears lol 😛


Beau suggested a water pump…I actually ended up using it and it’s pretty cute! I put it by the bridge across the path from Melody’s house. A place to get some fresh water for the picnic perhaps?


Does Bud like Purrl??? ❤ ❤ ❤


Purrl noticing all the new artwork I have donated 😀 Maybe Bud should take Purrl on a date to the museum?


It’s right by Melody’s house!

Around Town

HNI_0008 HNI_0041

Finished the windmill PWP (replaced the fence) and I moved the topiaries to their new location 😀


Happy Explorer Day!

HNI_0057 HNI_0058

Noelle paid off her home loan so now I can working on expanding it! A look at the inside so far…

HNI_0063 HNI_0039

I got two new badges! 😀

HNI_0059 HNI_0060

I love it when Katrina throws your astrological sign in the fortune telling! Makes it even more magical and mysterious sounding…

-Fiery Sunset Photo Gallery-

I FINALLY got my first fiery sunset ever in Citaluna! It came a great time too because all of the trees and grass where gold colored and the perfect golden pear trees looked soooooooooo pretty against the pretty orange sunset!

HNI_0045 HNI_0053

The Golden Garden and the my new fountain by the riverside garden area I am working on  🙂

HNI_0054 HNI_0051 HNI_0050 HNI_0049

Town Hall, the court area by Kiki’s house, and Kiki’s house and the lighthouse!

HNI_0047 HNI_0048 HNI_0046 HNI_0056

The bell, Autumn’s house, the windmill, and overlooking the beach by Bud’s house!


HNI_0033 HNI_0032 HNI_0031

Amy came for a visit and got a sneak peak of my new areas in town and some of my interior redecorating 😀 She even brought me a blue rose, so I can breed blue roses and get them much easier! We did a lot more sightseeing than the pictures show! I get so involved in wifis/dreams I forget to take lots of pictures lol 😛



I had Lilah come visit so I could fix her hair! Not too exciting…Hopefully I’ll have some more eventful things to write about next time! Still working on Lilywood too, but I’m going to try and finish Citaluna before getting too involved in that! I’ll work on my rooms some more! It may be a bit before my next post since I’m going to try and finish Lenore’s house before my next one, but we’ll see  🙂 I also now have to split my time playing Fantasy Life and AC:NL because they are both so fun! And Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley just came out and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are coming out soon! So many games…so little time!