Long Time No Post…And an Update on AC: HHD!

Wow…It’s been a long time since I posted. My dad is right – time moves faster as you get older! Anyway, I took a long break from AC to play some other video games like Pokémon, Fantasy Life, Bravely Second, Fallout 4, and a ton of Zelda games! I have also been in a TON of plays and musicals, which has been super fun! Anyway, I still have my town of Citaluna and I got AC: HHD last year, played it for a bit, and then got too busy to really get into it, so I am going back to it now! I’m hoping to do another update on Citaluna, but I need to rearrange the flowers and make the town more presentable, which is a horribly tedious task and I hate doing it (and growing the flowers I need). I’m going to try and go for a big dream address update in the spring so you can see Mayor Lenore and the town in all of its springtime glory!

Anyway, this post is about HHD this time around and some of the designs I am really proud of and other things…well…need work! 😛 My character’s name is Rose – I wanted to name her Lily (for my town, Lilywood), but there is a frog named Lily in the game already ( I hate duplicate names) so I switched to the name of my cow in Harvest Moon, Daisy. Oh wait, there is dog named Daisy in the game…ughhhhh 😦 . I came up with Rose, and I know there is a cat named Rosie, but they aren’t the same so I went with that (and “Designer Rose” has a nice ring to it!).

Lottie gave me the description “A lovely atmosphere” and lots of lovely furniture, so I got to work!


Not too bad for my first try and considering there is very little to work with at the beginning. A little too much pink for my taste, but Lottie seemed happy 🙂

Goldie wanted “a forest of books”, which I was super excited about. Not a ton of furniture to work with still, but getting there!

First look!
This was too cute not to photograph! ❤

Her house turned out pretty nice as well! I wanted to get as many books in there as possible without making it look too cluttered. And I felt like the modern wood furniture added the “forest element”! Later, when I got to outside decorating, I literally made her a forest of books complete with a cozy cottage for reading! I may eventually move the house to a more private space of land…


The next client was Lopez and he wanted a stylish metropolitan space…not something I ever did in Citaluna and not my favorite style in general. It’s ok, but nothing I really like. Haven’t bothered to go back and do the outside even.(It was here I discovered how annoying that stupid montage camera is and how tough it is to get pictures!)


I found Caroline waiting outside the next day. She wanted a ranch themed home. I went more “country ranch” instead of “Texas ranch” and I think it’s rather cozy! I still need to go back and do the outside of her home…


Isabelle informed me the next day that we were designing a school! I have always loved academia and the past 3 generations of my family have been teachers, so I knew this was going to be fun! A lot of the stuff is pretty basic (chalkboard, desks, cubbies, etc. but these two areas are my favorites!

I love the science corner! I originally had a burning oil lamp, but the child care provider in me said wasn’t safe, so I switched to a star globe.
Social studies and language arts corner (with a lunchbox)!
I chose the pink/blue exterior for the school, since blue is my favorite color! I love being able to chose the building styles! No more resetting for that!

Carrie showed up the next day saying she wanted a “garden for her joeys to play in” – this one was exciting because I could pick the plot of land for the house to go on as well as the season! I chose the standard grass lot with the season of summer! I could also decorate the outside as well as the inside!

I’m at the age where a lot of my friends have kids and what I hear is that they are always tired, there is tons of laundry and cooking to do, and the house is NEVER clean no matter what you do…and their kids are their pride and joy! I think this house captures that perfectly!
The outside turned out great! A place for the joeys to play while mom does the laundry and watches them!

I got to design Colton “a noble palace” which was fun! I was hoping for some more ornate furniture, like the princess series, but no dice. It still looks like a palace though ( and of course I had to go for the moat land plot!) and the fall theme goes super nicely with the golds and the reds to represent royalty!

Colton looks out over his kingdom!
I wanted apple trees to go with the red roof, but the stupid things wouldn’t fit 😦 I had to go for mini trees and red carnations, which still look nice (plus the rainbow!).

Tangy showed up and I had make her a house, since I LOVE cats! I think I will come back to this one later and give it some updates, but it’s a good start!

Of course, everything in Tangy’s house has to be fruit themed! 🙂
I like the outside more than the inside for this one actually. I wish the four fruit drinks on the table showed up a little better because they are so cute! I didn’t even need to do too much with the outside of the house itself, except change the roof to orange – Tangy’s favorite fruit and color!

I love Pekoe! ❤ She is so stinkin’ cute! Of course, the theme was an exotic getaway for her house! I love that you can choose clothing fabric to put on the bedding! Her bedding and shirt match! ❤ I love the bamboo flooring and wall with the exotic furniture – it just fits her so perfectly! I’m not done with the outside, so there are no pictures of it 😛

First look at her new place!
So many pretty plants to work with! And I love the Imperial ceiling lamp!

Muffy wanted a gothic style room with rococo furniture! I had just gotten the furniture customization ability so I was super excited to try this out! I chose to put her house on the edge of a cliff with stormy weather. A gothic mansion seemed very fitting for her, so I went with that for the exterior and a purple/grey theme for outside (like a spooky witch-like house)! I was annoyed that there weren’t any black flowers for outside yet, but then I discovered that I had potted black lilies as decorations and I could put them outside! They almost look like graves, which just adds to the spooky gothic atmosphere of the house!

I even left the lights off so the black rococo candlesticks show up! And the black chandelier looks so cool in the dark!
With the lights on for comparison


I love the eerie purple lighting you can see through the windows!

I talked to Deirdre and she wanted an autumn themed house! This is something I have done before (Autumn’s house in Citaluna), so I knew I could rock this! Overall, it turned out great – I may add some more flowers to the area by the swing though since it looks a little off.

It was tough to decide on furniture, but I then I discovered that the you could redesign the cabin series to have a birch bark finish and it looks so pretty with the fall leaves!


A cozy autumn home overlooking the fall colors!

Ali wanted “a mushroom manor” and since I was already in fall house design mode, I figured this would be quick and easy. I’m glad I decided not to use all the mushroom furniture for Deirdre’s house!

Mushrooms, mushrooms, and more mushrooms!
I was even able to make her house look like a cluster of big mushrooms tucked into the side of the cliff!

Ohhhh Bob…this one gave me trouble! When I took this request, I thought I would get all the pretty flower furniture to work with, so I was disappointed when I all I got were a new rug, ugly flower pop wallpaper, and a bunch of clothes. This is another one where the outside turned out much better than the inside…

I really didn’t try that hard…going to need to come back to this one…
Outside looks much better! Love the pink trees! At least I got purple pansies!

Right after I finished with Bob’s flower room and (no flower furniture), Shari shows up and wants a room where flowers never wilt. I thought for sure I was going to hit the flower furniture jackpot this time! But I only ended up getting a few flower pieces and none of the ones I wanted like the hydrangea bed or the rose chair. Again, the outside turned out much better than the inside…guess I’ll be coming back to this one too…

More stupid flower wallpaper and not much flower furniture…fail… XD
At least the outside is kinda pretty!

After two disappointing houses in a row, I needed a break from house designing so I decided to try my hand at designing the café! I really had fun with all the new food items and I love the way it turned out!

The HHA staff loves the new café!
Kid Kat and Kitty enjoy a cupcake together! ❤
Those pastries and that ice cream look sooooooooo good!

After having so much success designing the café, I wanted to keep my momentum going so I went straight to work designing the hospital! The hospital had 3 rooms for me to design, which was a little intimidating but I took it one room at a time and it got easier the more I did it.

The waiting room with all sorts of books, magazines, coloring, and toys to keep patients occupied while they wait. Nurse Bree is adorable! ❤
Another angle of the waiting room from the reception counter.
The patient’s ward complete with everything they and the staff need to treat anything!
A different angle of the patient’s ward.
The doctor’s office – not a whole lot in here since it is small but you get the idea. Mint is super adorable in her nurse outfit as well!
Exteriors of the hospital, school, and café! Going for a pastel blue/pink theme!

Oh boy…I should have known what I was getting myself into when I decided to take Chrissy’s request. So…much…pink! My eyes actually hurt after designing this room due to the bright colors. Still trying to figure out what to do with the outside, but I just did the inside because I was getting a headache!

The blue is pretty bright as well! I love blue and pink as a color combo, but this is WAY too much pink! It suits Chrissy very well though! I’m looking forward to designing Francine’s pretty blue house!

Mint showed up in town after I finished the hospital and requested her house be an ice cream shop! This is one of my favorite houses, even though it looks similar to the café! And mint one of my favorite colors and ice cream flavors!

Getting a first look around!
Similar to the café…maybe I’ll change the wallpaper if I find one that fits better.
I love the outside! I could spend all day eating ice cream here!

So those are some of my HHD houses so far! I like HHD a lot, even though it is different from New Leaf. Here are some things I really like about HHD:

-How easy it is to  move furniture around in rooms and move groups of things at a time

-Not having to store furniture in houses, museums, etc. and worry about space. It’s all in one handy menu and you can search for things.

-Landscaping is so much easier when all the trees and bushes are already full grown and you don’t have to wait 5 days to figure out if you like your landscaping (and if you don’t, HHD makes it super easy to fix)!

-Each villager has a unique request and you can see their personality and learn more about them!

That being said, there are things that I don’t like about HHD as well:

-Not being able to name your town

-The spacing for landscaping is a bit different (this one REALLY bugs me) and it’s annoying you can’t put flowers directly in front of houses.

-Always having to wear your stupid red jacket

My big wish is for them to combine HHD and New Leaf into one big extremely customizable Animal Crossing experience. I know there is talk of an Animal Crossing game for the NX! One can only hope they incorporate aspects from both games! I try to post more frequently now, but things are going to get crazy busy this fall! Hope you all have been well! 🙂