New Horizons on the Horizon!

How long has it been since I posted…4 years!? Wow, that is nuts! After my 3DS crashed and my AC:NL town got erased (never doing a digital game instead of a physical copy again 😦 ), I thought about starting a new town but then ended up way to busy with a new job and getting back into theater/musicals. I kept saying “The Switch is coming out soon and there will be an AC game for it. I’ll just wait for the next one.” Fast forward 4 years and we are less than TWO WEEKS until AC Switch aka New Horizons comes out and I am beyond excited! It has been a MUCH longer wait than I was hoping it would be, but from the previews and Nintendo Directs we have seen, it has been worth the wait!

Here are some things I am SUPER excited about for New Horizons:

  • Being able to display furniture outside!!! OMG this takes care of one of my biggest problems with AC:NL! I cannot count the number of times I thought “This would look so good outside my house/around town/in a forest/on a beach but the game won’t let you display furniture items, which is stupid.” Instead, there were “Public Works Projects” that could be built outside, which was great and all but those had their own set of issues: they were expensive, had certain limitations on where they could go, and, the most frustrating part YOUR NEIGHBORS HAD TO SUGGEST THEM!!! UGH. I am so excited to start putting out picnic baskets, books, flower pots, chairs, and pretty much everything else to decorate my town!outside1
  • You can move your house and pick where your neighbors move! You know what that means? PLOT RESETTING IS A THING OF THE PAST! I probably spent hundreds of hours plot resetting in AC:NL so my neighbors would not ruin my beautiful gardens, paths, and layouts with their houses! It was very stressful in a game that is supposed to be about creating and relaxing. Knowing I won’t have to do that anymore is so liberating!!! 🙂
You can relocate!!! So happy!
You can move shops too!
  • DETAILS! Everything from shadows from trees, to pupils in our character’s eyes, to door decs for your house, the detail in this game is amazing! I saw the pictures/footage of the museum in NH the other day and it is breathtaking! I could go on forever about it!
I love this so much! The detailed plants, the apples, the rain, the light gradient on the tent, and one of my favorite villagers, Lily!
I LOVE this fountain! Na d look at the shadows of the butterflies, fountain, and character! And the ridges on the leaves on the trellis! SO MUCH DETAIL!!!
Such realistic shading and texture!
  • A much better interface for designing your town/house! The whole process of design in NH has taken cues from HHD and is much improved! I can’t wait to get into design mode just move things around without having to constantly pick up/drop furniture from my pockets! Exterior design has gone even further with the ability to make all sorts of paths, grass, and even dig out/fill in land (meaning you can modify your town map)!!!
Designing is now so much easier! Thank you, AC: HHD!
So many options…and that doesn’t count the endless ones you can make!!!
You can MAKE waterfalls! ❤ ❤ ❤
  • One word – Photopia!!! Oh goodness, the theater scenes I will make with this, as I am an actor myself! Phantom of the Opera, The Secret Garden, Shakespeare shows…the list goes on! This is probably not quite as exciting to others as it is to me since not everyone is as big a theater nut as I am lol 😛
I am so excited to direct photoshoot scenes! Maybe I’ll start with one from my current show, SPAMALOT!


With change comes a little bit of stress…

I could go on forever about the things I am excited for, but there will be more time for that later. There is one thing that is making me a little nervous…Maps! Picking a map is super stressful. There are so many different maps to choose from and each one is unique. I don’t know if you can pick/change things like grass shape, fruit, airport color, services location, etc so I want to make sure I like what I get. Below is a wishlist of things that I would like to see on my Island. I hope I am not the only OCD person who does this lol 😛 (and for the record, I do actually have OCD/anxiety/depression and playing Animal Crossing helps so much!)

Things I would like my Island to have:

  • Circle grass (which turns to star snow!!)
  • Apples for fruit. Cherries would be good too. I love peaches but the peach in AC: NH looks a little too much like a bum…but it does look very realistic. No oranges or pears!
  • A central location for the Island Services but not too close to the airport. I feel like that is the “Town Square” so I want it to be center
  • Blue/Teal airport

I guess that isn’t too bad a list…but it is always so hard to know if you are picking the right one or to know when to stop looking! I do already have my Island name picked out (it’s been picked out for awhile) and I am working on a theme for it. I’ve been playing the “Atelier” series on the PS4 in the last few years, so I will pull inspiration from those games (along with Sailor Moon)! They are super fun and cute and have beautiful fantasy scenery!

Planning a new town/island can get stressful, but I try to remind myself that AC is not a competition and we are all here to support and help one another and have fun! I am going to try to be more active on here now that NH is coming out. I will be doing a lot re-designing of this site as well and adding sections/tidbits about other games as well as a section on my life in theater! Hope you are all well and as excited as I am for New Horizons both in game and IRL! ❤


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