Art of Lenore!

Lenore and her seasonal element! Thanks so much to artiststape on reddit for making this for me 😀

Been a little MIA lately because I’ve been working a lot and when I’m not working, I’m cycling villagers (only 10 more to go and I will have all my dreamies)! Hopefully I’ll get around to putting up some of the screenshots of the construction progress in Citaluna soon! Once I get all my dreamies off my cycle town, I am going to restart it (it’s named random letters and full of weeds and just…ughhh!!! I made it that way so I would not feel bad about not playing it, but now I really want to start making another town). I think I am going to name it Starpass and make it sort of a fantasy town with cloud paths, candy paths, etc. but I’ll go into more detail later when I have a better idea of the town concept. I’m going to try not to be as picky about my map this time as well. The only things I want are: a blue train station, apples, and maybe a blue town hall as well 🙂 If I have the money later, I might even get a third copy of ACNL eventually so I can have cherries as a native fruit in a town and I just love so many of the villagers. Then I’ll have my three favorite perfect fruits: Pears, Apples, and Cherries 🙂

Major Construction in Citaluna!

I have been having so many “light bulb moments” (as Amy calls them 🙂 ) lately! Since I have to cycle to get Julian and Beau back, I thought I would use the opportunity to really start solidifying my plans for Citaluna. I decided that as long as I was cycling, I wanted to change the locations of some of my dreamies’ houses so things look nicer and the houses are more convenient to get to (Lily’s house was especially bothering me-it just made everything really crowded). For the time being, I have moved Bruce and Lily to my cycle town and hopefully getting a friend to hold Purrl so I can redo the area on the left side of my town where lots of the houses are. I also have completely redone the area around my town hall so there is a perfect rectangle path around it that connects with the one by the train station. I am going to move the two outside fairy tale streetlights down and put some statue fountains on either side of town hall and use patterns to decorate around them. I also am developing plans for a “secret garden” area behind town hall with trees, flowers and a nice bench which should go really nicely with the pond up there as well. I have decided to move my fence next to retail and make it into a seasonal vegetable garden for Resee (so excited for it to by a pumpkin patch in the fall since it is in the fall area 🙂 I am going to make the place where the fence was into a mushroom garden (which will also be in the fall area). Well, enough talk, here is a grid of my plans so far (thanks so much to Amy from aforestlife for showing me how to do this 😀

(Click the picture to enlarge it)


I need to finish filling in the beach and the water in the grid eventually 😛

Customization Crazy!

So I’ve been a little MIA because I have been cycling my town so Julian and Beau can come back (only 6 more villagers to go; special thanks to Amy from aforestlife for holding onto Beau for me 🙂 ), but I’ve started trying to make my own paths lately and I am so into it! I found this tutorial on how to make brick paths by Vivacore (check out her Animal Crossing town and blog) and it has been beyond helpful:

She is so talented and so generous to make a tutorial and teach others how to do what she does 🙂

I want to make a fall version and a winter version of the paths I currently use during spring and summer (made my Merci, check out her stuff too):

I want to add borders to my paths, like the flower boarders she has (but instead use leaves for fall and holly for winter) but I am having lots of trouble with it. If anyone has a similar patterns or knows how to make a border look good, I would really love the advice. Any template or visuals you have are good as well! I’m very new to this path making thing 😛

Real-Life Connections to Citaluna

So I thought it might be interesting to post a few aspects of my life that connect me to my town of Citaluna and the concepts behind it!


My town is named for Luna the moon cat on Sailor Moon (I grew up with that show in the 90’s). Luna was always my favorite (how can you not love a talking cat with a moon on her head?) and I wanted her to have her own town 😀



This is my cat, Java, who reminds me so much of Luna the moon cat, as well as my favorite villager and mascot, Kiki (one of his nicknames is Mr. Kiki actually 😛 )! He’s brown, but he looks black in certain light.



I live in the upper Midwest where there are great distinctions between the four seasons. The first picture is behind the frozen waterfall in the city near where I live. The second picture is the flowering tree in my neighbor’s yard (looks so much like the town tree in AC: NL when it’s pink). Each season is beautiful in it’s own way and I wanted my town to represent that!


There is tons of wildlife near where I live (deer, cranes, turtles, ducks, geese, frogs, squirrels to name a few) so I wanted some villagers to represent those (like Lily, Bruce, Hazel, and Beau). Lots of people in my neighborhood also have dogs and cats so I wanted those in there too (Cookie, Purrl, Lolly).


Always really enjoyed fantasy with the dragons, unicorns, and fairies (represented by Julian)! I also loved big, exotic animals such as lions, leopards, wolves, and polar bears (represented by Bud)!

I’ll add more to this if I take/find any more cool pictures representing my town 🙂

Rough Times in Citaluna (Any help much appreciated)

So today has just been a nightmare day in Animal Crossing for me 😦 First, I was plot resetting for Beau and I accidentally went into the game and now his house is in the wrong spot. I then TT a few days ahead back to the present day and Julian moved out on me!!! 😦 So now I need to move out 16 villagers to get Julian back. While I’m at it, I might as well have Beau move as well and cycle him back in so they will be able to move back in around the same time. I need someone to hold both Beau and Julian while I cycle. I can’t use my cycle town since both of them recently came from there. Also, I need to move in cycle villagers so they can move out ASAP so if you had unwanted villagers, I can take them (my cycle town can help with that too). Any help would greatly appreciated 🙂 In the meantime, I’m going to switch to working on the inside of my houses instead (expanding rooms, decorating, house exteriors, etc.) so I’ll be updating on that!

Town Happenings in May

Lots of fun things going on! My villagers have been so funny and interesting lately 😀 I also re-thought some of my renovation plans and villager house spots! Only 4 more villagers to move out and 4 more dreamies to move in! Still working on all the castles for all the seasons. It’s a slow process and I need more money-which means its time to go catch beetles on the island!

Places Around Town

Purrl’s house FINALLY landed in the spot I wanted it to! I actually TT’ed back one day, went into the game and removed the PWP in progress because I thought it may be causing problems (I could not figure out why for the life of me though). Then I TT’d back to the next day and the house landed in the right spot about 45 minutes later…weird.


( This picture cracks me up XD )The plot kept landing right in front of Autumn’s house almost EVERY time and it was SO annoying!!! So I blocked the whole area with flowerbeds! Flowerbeds make great house repellent because they are cheap to build, take up a 2 x 2 space, and are cheap to tear down.


I really like my square area with the streetlights and flowers and I did not want to have to take it out or have it be blocked by a villager’s house so I decided to take Amy’s advice and put a villager house here 🙂 I separated the house and Lenore’s garden by putting in cherry trees!


Someone finally suggested the bell project!! Now my fall area is starting to look more fall-like!

Villager Happenings


We have been having lots of rain in Citaluna lately and I noticed that everyone in town carries an umbrella when it’s raining except for Lily. I thought that was interesting and now I know why she does not carry an umbrella! I guess it makes sense since she is a frog!


Bon-Bon got a package that was meant for Pecan and asked me to deliver it. Turns out, the package Pecan had ordered was a gift for me 😛


Pecan commented on how spacious my rococo  sofa was and then told me that Cookie is a couch hog XD


I LOVE Kiki but sometimes I wonder where in the world her writing ideas come from!


Cookie commented on how much she loved my dollhouse dress! Then she started getting carried away on one of her silly tangents. My villagers have been really wacky lately and I love it!

HNI_0008 HNI_0009 HNI_0014 HNI_0016

My birthday was awhile back but I thought I would share some pictures! Kiki hosted my birthday party!!! What a super cute party! I even got a birthday table as a present! Kiki is definitely my best friend in town! Thank you for a wonderful birthday party Kiki ❤




Plot Resetting Woes

Can a villager move here or are there PWPs/villager houses that are too close? Everything is 2 spaces away from the where the actual house will go. I’ve been trying for hours and I’m so frustrated 😦


I used Rose flags as square markers


The brown dirt is where Bruce’s house is and the you can sort of see the hedge of Lily’s house. There are 3 spaces from the actual house to Bruce’s house and two spaces from Bruce’s house from the doorway “tab” that sticks out.


My 3DS XL is back! (And some town reconstruction plans)

My 3DS XL came back yesterday 😀 I’m so happy to have it back. Now I have tons of things to catch up on and do, plus some town reconstruction (paths, PWPs, and bridges). I’ll have some new pictures up and will be updating my Town Info and Human Residents very soon, so keep a lookout. For right now, I have made a to-do list for Citaluna:

-move path on west side of town one square over

-demolish and rebuild streetlights by said path

-move out: Sylvia, Pecan, Bon Bon, and Alice (if anyone wants any of them, tell me 🙂 )

-get fairy tale bridge, metal bench, picnic blanket, and bell suggested

-take out cobblestone bridges and replace with fairy tale bridges

-move in dreamies

-move bridge left of town tree one over so it will be a perfect square path around the town tree

-re-landscape by Kiki’s house (someone will be moving next door to Kiki and it feels too crowded with the streetlights there)

Still Waiting…(but some pictures and fun info)!

UPDATE: My 3DS XL is being prepared to be shipped back to me so it should be here sometime early next week 😀

Well, I thought I would be getting my 3DS XL back next week, but it looks like it will be longer because Nintendo is way behind on repairs due to their system upgrade. Maybe it’s just as well I’m not getting it back next week since my finals are next week 😛 After I head home for the summer, I’ll have plenty of time to play Animal Crossing 😀 While I’m waiting for my 3DS XL to get back, I thought I would share some more pictures and info about my town 🙂


While my 3DS XL has been away, I have been working on collecting my dreamies! I recently got both Julian AND Lolly (figures I get both my rare dreamies while my 3DS XL is away 😛 ) so they are hanging out on my cycle town (which I don’t post about because it is a MESS)! So hanging out on my cycle town right now, I have: Julian, Lolly, Hazel, Kitty and Purrl. The only dreamie on my list is that I need is Elmer, but he should be easy to get. I am, however, considering forgoing Elmer and having both Kitty and Purrl in Citaluna! I really like them both a lot more than Elmer (not a huge fan of the “lazy” personality type) and they both have cute houses. On the other hand, I was trying to get all the personalities because it makes things more interesting. What do you guys think?

My Other Characters and Houses

Lenore is my mayor character and spring is her season, but I also have 3 other characters with each of them representing a different season (I’m eventually going to make a “Town Information” page once I get some pictures of my characters). Melody, who has the appearance of a mermaid, has the season of summer and her house is a mermaid castle right by the beach overlooking the ocean! Autumn, who’s season is fall, lives just east of the town tree and currently lives in a candy themed house surrounded by apple trees. Last but not least, there is Noelle who lives to the north of the town tree and her season is winter. Noelle is currently my reset character for house plots so I don’t have much going for her house yet, but the exterior of her house is decorated with illuminated trees and holly bushes. I am trying to decide if I want Autumn and Noelle to have castles like the other two (have a castle of every season) or if I should keep the regular look for a more cozy feel. Opinions?

Photo Fun!

Just some fun and interesting photos of my town 🙂


Lenore’s house exterior (I wish it was not so cloudy and grey).


Lenore has a “Spring room” in her castle with flower furniture! That way, it can be spring anytime of the year ❤


Lenore performing on the awesome stage Amy made in one of her houses 😀 I act as hobby so I love this room ❤


Some new trees I planted near Lenore’s house!


When I built the PwP to guide Lily’s house into the correct spot, I forgot to leave room for the bridge (needs to be one more space away XD ) Luckily, the gem rock was placed exactly two spaces away from where another potential space could go, so I moved her there. I think I’ll put Lolly here (now that I know about that darn bridge)!

Photo Gallery (Finally)!

UPDATE 05/08/2014: My repaired 3DS XL with the town of CItaluna will most likely be returning to me on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week!!! 😀 I will be updating again so after I get it back! Expect some new pictures!

So I have sent my 3DS XL off to Nintendo to be repaired. Nothing major, but the R shoulder button is very “sticky” and is very annoying to play with and the warranty is still good, so I figured I should get it fixed. That said, I will be without my Animal Crossing town for about 1 and 1/2 to 2 weeks 😦 I figured this would be a good time to put up some photos of town and talk about town happenings and whatnot! Enjoy!

Featuring: Lenore’s Castle of Spring


Finally found a spring-like ground pattern for Lenore’s castle garden (her season is spring)! I love the azalea bushes in bloom! I’m thinking of maybe replacing the fountain with a flower clock but I can’t decide 😛


Someone finally suggested the statue fountains! Now if they would just suggest those elegant metal benches to put behind the fountains! I did a an arrangement of springy colored flowers as well. I planted tons of cherry trees and was really sad when I found out that only the non-fruit bearing trees turn pink 😦 Oh well, I’ll know for next year!


Finally finished Lenore’s Princess bedroom 😀 It still needs a few minor details but I’m so excited to have all of the Princess furniture!


I was redecorating my main floor, when Kiki stopped by for a visit 😀

Around Town


Citaluna’s town flag featuring Luna! This was my first attempt at making a pattern and I think it turned out pretty well!


Taking a break with Bob-Bon 🙂


Did a lot of plot resetting and FINALLY got Cookie’s house where I wanted it! Her house is one of my favorites in the game and thought it would look so cute next to the pond ❤



Lenore in her element (err, season I guess)!

Fun with Friends!


Amy (whose blog is here, check it out 🙂 and I did some Wifi with our mayors! I got some amazing items from my wishlist and I was able to help her out with some of the items on her wishlist as well! Thanks Amy!!! 😀


Estel and Lenore inside Lyra’s (one of Amy’s characters) house in the throne room she made! I love the bright colors!!!


My RL friend stopped by with her character, Dove, who hails from the town of Kingdom! I love the crown she has! I want one too!

That’s about all I have for now! Hopefully, my 3DS XL comes back soon and I can do more picture posts! In the meantime, I’m having fun playing my cycle town (which is a mess) and playing Bravely Default. I’m glad I kept my original 3DS!